When I Finally Had An Encounter With GOD

When I was a child I remember going to church and watching people worship GOD and sing songs, but I did not understand why people were worshiping. I was also taught to sing and worship but I did not understand why. To me, it seemed like Singing and worshiping was almost like a cultural formality. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me, and I didn’t fully connect with it emotionally at the time. As a teenager, I connected better with more secular songs that I could relate to because those songs spoke about my life experience. Before, I couldn’t relate to worship songs, I only sang the worship songs because my church and parents taught me to. It appeared to me that singing was just something people did so that they could go to Heaven when they died.

I did not understand these things for most of my life, because at that time I still had not had an encounter with GOD for myself. I thought if I sang enough songs, prayed enough prayers, and read enough of the Bible then eventually maybe I would have an encounter with GOD. I thought I could “earn” my encounter with GOD…However, it didn’t happen like that.

I didn’t experience GOD until I was truly ready to surrender my entire life to do the will of GOD. I didn’t experience GOD until I gave up all my ambitions, my hopes, my dreams, my future plans, and my personal desires. I didn’t experience GOD until I was willing to forsake all that I had. I didn’t experience GOD until I could say from my heart “Not my will, Not my plan. Your will GOD. Your plan for my life.”

The day I experienced GOD was the day I took my life planner journal and set it on fire, because I wanted God’s plan. The day I experienced GOD was the day I walked away from my 6 figure career because it didn’t please GOD. The day I experienced GOD was the day GOD revealed to me that I wasn’t a good person like I thought, but that I was a sinner worthy of death. The day I experienced GOD was the day I cried in deep anguish in repentance because my sins were revealed to me.

That day I vomited for almost two hours all over my bedroom floor all the poison and evil that sin had built up in my body. That day I begged GOD to have mercy on my soul because I was afraid. That day evil spirits that caused me to be Prideful, Greedy, Selfishly Ambitious, Lustful, Arrogant, and more all came out of my body while I lay on the ground vomiting. That day I understood everything I thought about myself was all a lie. That day for the first time in my life I understood the reason people sing and worship GOD.

Have you ever seen a group of men watching a soccer game, and the moment their favorite team scores a goal all the men jump up at the same time and scream? Did they plan to jump up and scream at the same time or did it just happen naturally? What about when a singer with a beautiful voice sings a ballad and at the end people cry and give applause? Do all the people plan to clap and cry at the same time or did it just happen naturally? What about a comedy show, do all the people plan to laugh at the same time or does it just happen?

Why is this? Because when in the presence of an amazing talent or ability people lose control and collectively all respond the same way. Without even thinking or trying people react and respond. They laugh, shout, cry, jump, and roar all in unison without a plan or agreement.

Therefore if the abilities and feats of human beings make people jump, scream and shout without a second thought, what would happen if you were in the presence of the Almighty GOD? The Bible calls GOD the King of Glory and his glory is such an amazing thing to behold that even the Angels use two of their wings to cover their faces.

I’ve seen women and men crying, hyperventilating, and fainting when meeting their favorite Pop star. Could you imagine if you met GOD? If a human being that you share a likeness with could a person cry and faint what would the presence of GOD do to you?

When you encounter the presence of GOD worship is not a conscious choice. Worship is the only natural response and reaction to beholding something so glorious. We can’t even look at the sun without squinting, and that’s the work of GOD’s hands.. Could imagine GOD?

I haven’t seen the fullness of GOD’s glory with my eyes, the Bible says no man can see GOD and live(Exodus 33:20), however, when I was born again the revelation of the glory and goodness of GOD was revealed in my heart. And when that happened I feel down naturally just like anyone would and I cried and I sang, and I worshiped.

Therefore in closing: If you were to combine all the most beautiful sunsets, the brightest stars, the most beautiful voices, and everything you have ever found exciting into one moment it wouldn’t come close to a fraction of the Glory of GOD. We don’t worship GOD because we want to go to Heaven, we worship GOD for the same reasons sports fans scream when their team scores a goal. Worship is the only reaction possible when you encounter the presence of GOD. It’s not a conscious choice or a thought, it’s a natural reaction to beholding something so amazing, so wonderful, and so glorious.

If you are reading this today, pray that the revelation of God’s goodness, love, and glory will be revealed in your heart. And when that prayer is answered you’ll lose all control and fall down and worship.

That’s all for today friends.

God bless you all who are in Christ Jesus.

Eddie Fews