I was reluctant to spend money on ‘dating advice’ as I felt anything I had to learn, I could from learn from the Internet or books. By the time I did approach Eddie I was more intrigued by what a dating coach could offer me, more than expecting any real change.

By the time I had finished my first session with Eddie I could not wait to start my second session. I was amazed by what I had to learn about myself. I soon discovered that the secret to success with women lay not in cheap tricks or manufactured pick-up lines or techniques but lay deep within myself.

With eddie’s help I have learnt more about myself in two weeks than I had in my 38 years. His sessions involve a real deep change from within that have changed my outlook and perception on the world outside and as a result my relationships with women. Before my sessions with Eddie I had no idea how or why women behaved the way they did and were, to me, a frustrating enigma. Now with Eddie’s help I have a better understanding of myself and what women want giving me greater confidence and as a result appeal towards women.

Rufas Kuffe, London, United Kingdom

When I came across Eddie’s email address on the Internet I was in a dark place. Had just broken up with the girlfriend and wasn’t sure how I was going to get through the storm that surrounded me and consumed my days and nights.

I know I may not have sought the conventional service that Eddie provides but looking back at where I was and where I am today, Eddie has been a blessing in disguise and I consider myself fortunate to have crossed his path.

We went through highs and lows during our time together. He made me smile, he made me cry. Some of the advice he gave was hard to hear, hard to accept, and at first I didn’t listen. I thought my situation was different, special, unique. How wrong I was. I see that now.

Eddie has an incredible knowledge and understanding of the female mind; relationships and general well being. I made mistakes along the way but everyone does. Eddie helped me realise my mistakes and helped me improve myself so that in future they didn’t happen.

One thing that I appreciate more than anything is that Eddie encouraged and supported me to accept the pain, deal with it, get through it and not cover it up temporarily. Let myself heal. That is what I did and I really believe that I healed much faster than I would have done had I not listened.

I have no doubt in my mind that Eddie can guide any one in the right direction. I don’t think I’ve acquired enough of his wisdom to part ways yet so will be dipping into his knowledge for years to come. If you are going through a tough spell regardless of the cause; whether it be grief, self doubt, lack of confidence, approach anxiety etc Eddie will fix you up. Thanks man.

Peace and love.

Mathew Wolkowitz, New York, NY

Let me start this off by saying that I have been to eleven different therapist in my life and not one of them has had the effect on me that Eddie has had in just a few hour long sessions over Skype. Eddie has blown my mind many of times and i’m sure this simple testimonial isn’t enough to do his work justice. I’ve hung out with gurus, i’ve been to more workshops that I can remember, read books, written books, asked myself “who am I” for hours, listened to audio programming in my sleep, for over 6 years now. And nothing — NOTHING — has had the sweeping and dramatic effect on my life as my sessions with Eddie.

Eddie’s work doesn’t make logical sense, however. That’s why the man consistently blows my mind after each session. I’m sure there is a logic to Eddie’s work, but it’s based on divine wisdom, not his wisdom. Don’t ask me to explain it.

If this doesn’t get used as a testimonial; use it as a testimonial to push you to continuing doing for others what you have done to me. You have successfully freed me from many layers of my own bullshit. How do you do what you know? I have no idea, but what I do know is my life would have been completely different if I hadn’t met you buddy.

Its my pleasure Eddie and I look forward to working with you more this week.

Joesph Gladwell, Los Angelos, CA


Dear Eddie,

I finished talking to you with a smile on my face and feeling so optimistic about my future. It takes a lot of wisdom and insight to impart all that you did during our hour of conversation and such advice is truly invaluable. How many men would feel the utmost level of contentment if their women were aware of what you took precious time to tell me? How many women would consequently feel a closer bond to their husbands if they were able to access the wisdom that you possess? Consequently, How many children would grow up in households feeling nurtured and truly loved?

You mean a lot to me and am glad that we are speaking again. There is no doubt that you give me something that I cannot get from those who are in my life at present. I think of you and I imagine you building a great empire to empower so many whose path you cross. Person by person , sentence by sentence, word by wise word you build a network that no only connects , but uplifts. This is what the world needs more of.

I am also proud of you for doing this dry fast and really sticking with it. You have such strength and determination and yes, I am glad to have you in my life as an example of this level of striving.

Thank you so much for taking the time that you did. You are so caring and one of the most insightful men I have met in my life. You gave your time to help me in a way that no one else has and for that, I feel gratitude to God and to you.

Sincerely and with much love,

Hasna Abdulmmajid, Djibouti, Yemen

Stumbling upon your blog and the information that you have impressed upon me has be the highlight of my summer. I feel like I have bookmarked a door to another world. Your thoughts, philosophies, and ideas continue to fascinate me time and time again. I’ve been going through your stuff wondering how the hell does a mid twenties dude figure out so much human psychology – looks like you’re doing a lot of good out there Eddie. You’ve found a calling early that will set you for a very long time.


MD: Michael Wilcox, New York, NY 

When I first started reading articles/blogs written by Eddie, my life was in complete chaos. I’d been in a devastating marriage that had ended horrible, I had sold my dream house, and I had no idea about the dating world I was about to throw myself back into. What I found from Eddies writings was that there isn’t a “quick fix” to being successful with women. Eddies book on the 50 Laws Of Social Wisdom that I read at first for success with women turned into creating a whole new version of myself that ended up making me more successful with women then I ever imagined. Eddies book became my new daily self help book. The tools in the book for me were used to gain the CONFIDENCE within myself that would eventually be noticed to by others.

Eddies laws from Always Putting Yourself First to You Will Be Tested were some of the life experiences I was completely missing. I finally found myself developing as I was reading his examples. I would take time and do things for others which at times I should have been focusing on myself and my own development. I remember when I first became single again I was in a bar. There was a beautiful woman that I used to date before my marriage so I felt like it was an easy opportunity because she used to really like me. As I approached her and said “Hi” she responded exactly the way I thought she would. She smiles, hugged me, and greeted me with, “it’s been forever since I ran into you”. Then she looked at me and said, “what is this beard thing you have now, I don’t like it at all”. It rattled me because this woman used to follow me around like a sad puppy dog with no food. I completely missed her test too. She wanted to see my reaction and I did exactly what I should of done and agreed with her that I didn’t really like it either. Instead of saying, “I think it looks great and you know that it does too”. After I missed her test she said, “it was nice seeing you and hope you have a fun night”. I was really confused at that moment because I was used to her giving me so much attention in our prior meetings.

What I finally took away from Eddies writings is that it wasn’t that women had changed or had some new style of being picked up. I found that I had lost all of my confidence (swagger) that I used to demonstrate on a regular basis. After reading Eddies work and really loving myself and finding out who I was and the value that I have. My life changed almost immediately. I honestly have no desire at all to chase women anymore (put them on a pedestal) and I’m fully focused on my passions and being the best version of myself to leave my own legacy in this world. I find that a man with a purpose and who can’t be off centered is one of the most attractive characteristics to women. I also find myself with more women then I actually can take on because of the time I delegate to myself. I can’t thank Eddie enough for the time and passion he applies to his work. We need more people like Eddie out there who take’s the time to help others without ever asking for anything in return because I feel what you put out is exactly what you receive from the universe. I hope for all of you to find yourselves and what truly makes you happy because when you do your vibrations will be so strong that no one will pass by not noticing you

Robert Graham, Miami, FL


You definitely seem like a really positive person, a strong man that is full of self awareness. We need more men like you around to lead the way. Too many have forgotten their place. Many women do desire to be more “submissive” or “feminine”, but a lot of them have no choice but to switch roles. I would love to have you in my circle. Even if it’s just as friend. You’re powerful and planting seeds that need to be planted. I’m on a very similar path, just haven’t been doing things at your level. I talk to men, women and the youth all the time. I’m encouraged when I see others doing the “Work”. Any who, Keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

Shawntel CB, Brooklyn, NY


I first met Eddie through his writing and his work had a tremendous impact on my own creative process. Witnessing his day in-day out efforts to educate men how to think, walk, talk and act like men influenced my day-to-day activities, both personal and business. For that I’m truly grateful. Eddie is a constant source of inspiration whenever I forget how to behave as a true player.

Bojan Majnaric
RollTee Founder & CEO
Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn
Rijeka, Croatia

I once heard a quote that went “I’d rather hear an uncomfortable truth than a comforting lie.”

When you come to Eddie, as I did. You will hear only the truth. I’m the kind of person who only gets the point if it’s put bluntly and in my face, with no way to sugarcoat it.

I’ve received countless pieces of information and advice from Eddie over the years, and while at first I denied the usefulness, I came to realize in time that it indeed applies to all of us.

When you go to Eddie you will not be taught anything cheap, boxed, or unoriginal. With Eddie, all you get is the reality of what you need to do.

Far too often in the world people are told that it is always the other person who needs to change. When I went to Eddie, that was my mindset. However, within 3 weeks I had to begun to realize that I needed to change my behavior.

With his guiding hand, supporting, advice, and positive demeanor, I have begun the journey to become a new and improved version of the person I’ve always wanted to be.

Nathan Carson
East Coast, USA

Simply put, Eddie is a genius! If you’re having a tough time in your relationship or with women in general, then look no further. His ability to interpret the actions and words of women is truly exceptional. Trust him, his process, be patient, and LISTEN to him.

Through speaking with Eddie, I have developed more as a person than any other time in my life. His approach builds a strong foundation and mindset, not just for your dealings with women, but with life overall. Beyond his great advice, Eddie is a dude who legitimately cares and that means a lot – he has always been there when I needed him. Thanks for everything Eddie, you’re the man!!

David B.
Dublin, Ireland

Hey Eddie,

Just wanted to drop you an email to update you.

So when I first came to you I was an emotional wreck. My girl left me and I didn’t know how to turn it around. Your take on the situation and advice you gave was spot on.

Your understanding on female psychology is amazing! And instead of dishing out a quick fix you guided me to first fix myself and focus on the issue afterwards.

I feel clearer in my mind and have a better understanding on how to deal with females.

Thanks again!

Lance M.

London, United Kingdom

Lemme kick this off by saying that I’m the guy my friends come to when they want advice on picking up women or are trying to get one particular girl. Guess what, when I’m faced with the same predicament, EDDIE FEWS is the one I go to.

Two quotes come to mind when I talk about Eddie Fews. The first is by Socrates, “Learning is remembering.” & the second is by Alice Hoffman, “Pride is a funny thing; it can make what is truly worthless appear to be a treasure.”. The first quote is easily & automatically applicable. A lot of the stuff that Eddie is gonna tell you is shit that you already know to be true deep down but either can’t force yourself to do or have lied to yourself about. When Eddie helps you, you’re always gonna think one of two things, “Damn, I never thought about it that way before. Makes sense.” or more commonly… “Damn it! I knew that already! But now that you put it into words, I can act on it.” A lot of the BS programming the modern, feminized, politically correct world is going to go out the window during your first session. Eddie is gonna remind you right off that you’re a man & if you want results with women, you’ll need to start acting like one. We all know how to be men deep down & how men should handle situations, in particular, situations with women. Eddie is there to remind you.

The second quote is more something you need to keep in mind when you’re corresponding with Eddie… or attempting any type of self-improvement for that matter. Leave you f**king pride behind. You’ve already been “slapped in the face with some reality” or you wouldn’t be seeking this kind of advice. Well, whatever you’re doing isn’t working so be ready to be slapped a little more. A guy like Eddie isn’t gonna waste your or his own time agreeing with you for the sake of not hurting your feelings when you’re making mistakes. So be ready for some uncomfortable change. Change for the better is rarely easy or comfortable anyway. This much I can tell you, listen to this man & you will get results. Period.

Mike S.

MMA Gym Owner

Central Florida

Hey man, just an update but feel free to use this as a testimonial! I’m the happiest I’ve ever been I broke up with the girl I was in love with and I’ve been making my life better one step at a time being more honest with myself about what I want about life and I couldn’t be happier man. I’ve learned that if let go of results and just have fun, you obviously have more fun and are more fun to be around and as a result my game has exploded, I’ve been single since February and I went from being hung up over a girl and trying to get here back to living life to have fun and now I have girls that do things like bring me beer and clean my apartment just to hang out with me people hit me up all the time to hang out and my girlfriends introduce me to new girls. To be honest I thought stuff like this only happened in books like “the game, and I hope they serve beer in he’ll but honestly I’m hanging out with cool cute girls that hit me up to hang out and tell their friends about me and they hit me and girls who thought I was a lower in high are hitting me up to hook up I love you man! You gave me an amazing foundation that I took and ran with if you ever need anything let me know man I know a lot of this growth has been of my own volition but without you steering me in the right direction I’d still be hung up on that same girl thanks so much man stay in touch and if your ever in Indiana hit me up

Miakl Walker

My girlfriend broke up with me and i was really down at that point emotionally and especially my psychological mindset was totally different then it is now and a big thank you can go to Eddie about this. I was lurking around PUA forums and saw a thread where eddie helped a guy to get a girl back so i figured, what the hell, i will try that also and contacted him… it was really something else then i expected, the guy took time and we focused on ME not on getting girl back at first. He basically repaired me mentally and then i was ready to go back in action like never before! Now, talking to girls and meeting new ones is like going to McDonald’s and ordering a burger. You can really achieve something with him and this is not only good for girls, you can use this in every aspect of your life, it helped me also in my business and the way i communicate with customers or getting new ones.


Eddie Fews is the real deal. He’s got a great personality; very friendly, warm, charming, personable and genuine; and it rubs off on you. He’s is not about learning complicated techniques or learning just the right line to say to a woman; he’s all about learning how to be a real person, a real man, comfortable with yourself and your environment, and intimately familiar with making women comfortable with you. Eddie’s a real guy that supports you and teaches you the art of making your life better with women.

Joseph Bell| NYC

I met Eddie a few months back after a bad breakup..not really knowing how to handle the situation, or myself, Eddie Fews walked me thru the motions of getting my ex girlfriend back, providing me with true wisdom and knowledge on the situation I was in, as well as the situations to follow in order to have her running back into my arms..Some of us have Dads, Uncles, or Brothers, even strange middle aged neighbors who teach us the ins and outs of seducing females, how their minds work, how to work their minds, bodies, and emotions, etc…Some of us have Eddie Fews..a natural who is passionate about helping others get better with not only females, but life in general.

“Motown Soul” East Coast USA

“Eddie Fews is one of the few men who I have had the pleasure of knowing who has proven himself time and time again to be a genuinely amazingly talented Player and human being.

In the six plus years I have been involved in the seduction community I have never met a teacher more committed to both his own personal results and those of his students.

Eddie Fews is the real deal and being coached by such a masterful seducer really is a life changing opportunity. If there were more men like Eddie in the world then there would be no ’40 year old virgins’.

There are only a handful of men in this world who understand women and seduction like Eddie Fews and most of them are his previous students.”

Kieran Black, Melbourne Australia

 Eddie, what have you done? You’ve got me, who has been a committed atheist for years, tripping balls on spirituality!

I will certainly want to quote your words to all at some point, but for now I think I just need to see where I’m going with this

What I will tell you is that as soon as I started praying, all my true desires started to come out and I realised how much of my motivations for this pickup thing were superficial and that I was failing to engage with women because the things that were on my mind weren’t real and didn’t matter. I’m realising that there is a deeper and more honest me and that I need to be at one with that guy if I’m going to experience real fulfillment or intimacy

Thanks for everything!

Mark Jay

New York, NY

I got into pua by total fluke after a break up that I took really hard. So hard in fact I couldn’t eat and lost 10lbs. I read some material I was intrigued by and tried some methods I had read about when I was in a club setting I found they worked, but weren’t bringing quality women into my life. Then I stumbled across Eddie Fews and his material. The 1st time Eddie gave me advice it was on the subject of women getting distant I had my doubts I didn’t take it seriously and wasn’t going to listen to what he told me, but then something clicked and was told me what you’re doing isn’t working so why don’t you do as he says. Sure enough in the end everything panned out. Since then Eddie’s given me advice quite a few times and each time things have worked out. From there I read his material on WOTP and the thing that I like best is its not based on bullshit routines, but rather being the most attractive version of yourself, and not using typical pua routines that often times leave women hurt. Eddie is the only one I listen to when it comes to advice and he has helped me go from literally I little bitch to I wouldn’t say full fledged player, but I’m getting there. I went from a guy laying in bed crying about his gf out sleeping with some other guy and being so distraught over a breakup that I lost 10lbs because I couldn’t eat to dating multiple women and as say living the life. Of course I’m not where I’d like to be yet, but I’m getting there.


New York, NY

I would highly recommend Eddie, he offers you a great price for his services and the product deliver is honestly priceless lol his no nonsense style of teaching was perfect for my goofy, take it too far personality haha he’s a outstanding guy and you more than get what you pay for when you decide to book a coaching sessions with him haha. I’ve been pretty busy since our last lesson if you know what I mean.

Mike H. Rhode Island, USA


If you’re wondering if this is a scam, it’s not. I was scammed once with a “coach” and was very wary of hiring Eddie to help me. But if you’re reading this wondering if it’s legit, let me just help by saying Eddie is the real deal.

I came across Eddies advice on a dating site to help men get better with women. He is very knowledgable in not just women, but life as well. I purchased probably a dozen books before coming accross Eddie. Having Eddie as a coach helped a ton. Before I took his coaching I could barely walk up and stutter a sentence to a woman. Most the time, I’d just do nothing instead. He get’s you out of your comfort zone for sure. At the time it sucks, but in the long run fighting the constraints of your comfort zone is an amazing feeling. I just had Eddie help me for a Month, but in that month I felt like I learned years of knowledge.
I do plan on using Eddie again in the future!

William Ellis, Oklahoma City, OK

If you are looking for a dating coach, I would highly recommend Eddie Fews. He has the ability empathize, pick up on the nuances of your situation very quickly, and offer solutions to whatever your problem may be. Unlike a lot of the other dating coaches out there, he does not act if he is a better person than you are just because of his knowledge and success with women. Instead, he offers his advice selflessly and treats you as like your just one of the guys.

Lorne M. Queens, NY


Eddie Fews, I’m a big fan of your work & have been consistently reading your blog for the last year. It’s had a positive influence on my life & the person I am today. I’ve always been pretty good with women however, I’m someone that likes to constantly better myself, & you’ve helped me to do that. I love psychology & have been interested in the ‘psychology of the game’ so to speak, for a number of years. The content you produce is the best I’ve ever read. The whole concept of working on yourself & letting the rest take care of itself is something I love. The fact it allows you to simply be yourself, is something great. There is so much content out their that encourages people to put on this bravado & be fake around women & it’s leading many down the wrong path. A lot of information is also far too complex & confusing for many. You however, find a way to simplify your message. I’m an English student/athlete in the states at the moment & you have helped my life in numerous areas, not just with women. Diet (your idea of diet), leadership, spirituality, generosity, taking control of my life, just to name a few. I am currently in a relationship however, I’m at a point where I feel like I can attract pretty much any women I choose. Not only that, I feel I can attract pretty much whatever it is I want in my life. This pretty powerful feeling & mindset I’m striving to fully accept. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you, your fantastic & what you do, & your work is greatly appreciated. I have a great desire to help others & change the world & you have been a big help & inspiration. Keep doing what you do.

Calvin C. New York, NY