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Dating & Social Development Coach – Author – Entrepreneur

If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Hitch’ you have an idea of what it is that I do. While I’ll never get you to initially focus on one particular girl unless its an Ex-wife or Long term girlfriend, I will show how to develop into the man than can have the woman you want when you’re ready. You just have to be prepared to accept the process.

It all starts with how Socially “Fit” you are . We have to gauge your social intelligence. It’s similar to getting in shape. Are you 300 lbs socially with a desire to get to 170 lbs? Or are you 200 lb looking to get to 170? The amount of time it takes, will all depend upon where you begin.

My mantra: Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, our actions become our habits, our habits become our character and our character becomes our destiny. Thought provides the emotion, and emotion provides the fuel for activity. I teach a  man to think and his destiny is altered indefinitely.

I’m a dating coach, a social development coach, I show you how to be a better you so that you can get the better girl. I’m happy you’re here. Subscribe to the site, Read the articles and get involved in the discussions. I want to change your life.


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