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3 Hour Metaphysical Seduction Course

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Class #22: Master The Body, Mind, & Soul Connection’ – 12/4/2020(Available until January 1st 2020)

Time : 1:00pm to 4:00pm PST / 4:00pm to 7:00pm Eastern Time

Class #23: Learning Your Spiritual Position Within The Order of Life  – 12/27/2020

Time : 1:00pm to 4:00pm PST / 4:00pm to 7:00pm Eastern Time

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There’s more to attracting women than physical techniques. 


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This Subscription will consist of one 3 Hour Class to be held online each month. This months will go live December 3rd 2020. Classes that air during the 3rd of each month and will commence at 1pm to 4pm pst / 4pm to 7pm Eastern time. The video “PlayBack” will be available for subscribers up to 14 days after the original date of  the course. 

December’s Class will be based on the following…

Class Details :

Metaphysical Seduction – Unfortunately many of us aren’t aren’t able to sign up for my 30 day mentorship program in which some of the concepts taught in the class are taught on a more extensive level so I decided to provide a monthly 3 hour course on seduction concepts and techniques that aren’t as common as much of what we see on the internet today. 

March’s Class  will be rooted in ‘energy based seduction’. We’ll teach on two particular seduction techniques to use when out approaching members of the opposite sex to rapidly increase your success rate and reduce the time you spend approaching before getting results.  I’ll elaborate further on a few of the concepts spoken about in my  current “Using The Law of Attraction With Women” audio program. 

We’ll Discuss ‘Diet’ and how the foods we eat affect our ability to manipulate our own energy and be used by the energy emitted from others. You’ll know which foods herbs enhance your seductive ability and which foods act as inhibitors to your magnetism.

Eye Contact and how it affects persuasion will be discussed and much more! Sign up now with the “Pay NOW” button at the top of the page or the button below and an a email will be sent to the email address attached to your PayPal account. If your PayPal email differs from your primary email after making the payment email me immediately at EddieFews@gmail.com  and ill personally get all that information right over to you.   

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