Text Message Like A Player

Text messages can be a fun and discrete way to contact people during any time period of the day.

Whether you’re in an important business meeting or viewing a movie at a local cinema; it only takes seconds to type up a message and contact anyone you choose. And because of this it is the most popular form of communication used by the new generation of the twenty first century.

It is also becoming the form of communication women are relying on today to speak with the men they are involved with. Although, men often express to me that they are unsure of how come across as attractive in their text messages.

This seems to be a common issue many men are running into with women. Men say to me ” Hey Eddie, I can do the approach and get the number but, i seem to lose the girl when its time to initiate contact.” I personally encourage guys to dial women up and talk to them on the phone one on one, but with the increasing popularity of text messaging you can’t help but text message occasionally.

If You Are Going To Text Message Then Get It Right

Here are some of the tips I give guys that have spiced up their dating life.

K.I.S.S (Keep. It. Simple. Stupid)

Usually when sending text messages we are only given 160 characters to use per message. Rarely, if ever, is it a good idea to exceed this limit. Hell, rarely if ever is it a good idea to use even half of that 160.

Make sure your text messages are fun, concise, and to the point.

Too many guys are writing women these essays filled with complicated jokes and metaphors that no one would even understand in person.

So what makes you think that anyone is going to understand them in a text message lacking body language and tonality. If you want to be “kissed” always remember to keep it simple.

Fun And Compelling

Remember the old classic melodic hit by Cyndi Lauper ” Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.

It is as true then as it is today; when texting a woman make sure what you are saying is emotionally stirring and compelling a exciting response.

Women are inspired by emotions. They enjoy being taken on a roller ride emotionally and if you can manage to do this through texting; women will begin texting you with delight throughout the day.

Are your text messages compelling a response? A lady texted a friend of mine ” Hey whats up?” in returned he replied ” Just got out of work” and he couldn’t figure out why the girl didn’t bother responding to his reply.

Nothing about that text message showed any signs of interest or inspired any emotions that would make someone want to reply. When texting remember to be inspiring; for practice you can even ask yourself “Is this text message fun or emotionally stirring?” and if the answer is ” No” then its probably better if you send something that is.

Assume Attraction

Assuming attraction refers back to a simple rule we as players use while out meeting women.

We say its best to also assume a girl is interested in you even if she isn’t. Now this isn’t always a true assumption but it is a pleasant one and so its the way we choose to live our lives.

How does this refer to text messaging?

Always interpret anything a woman sends you in text messages as something positive. Not only does this make you think of her in a good light but it keeps you in the right frame of mind to text her something light, fun, and flirty.

For example.

If a woman sends me a one word response to a text message, I think ” Oh she’s just trying to make me work for it”

So I’ll reply with something emotionally stirring. Mainly because I allowed myself to be emotionally stirred by her message. Get in the game guys. No matter what she is saying, she is only doing it to seduce you into liking her more.

With the growing of modern technology, text messaging is prevalent in the world today. It’s something we can all selectively use to be a bit more seductive. Keep it simple, make sure your text messages are fun-flirty and never text a woman unless you have the balls to call her in the first place.

Text messaging is just another tool which can be used for seduction but it can never replace a seductive telephone conversation or a real-life encounter.

If you can get this through your head then you will be well on your way to improving your success with the women of today.

Eddie Fews

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