Are You The Creator or The Consumer?

Peace guys,

I know its been a while, I’ve been too busy “consuming” which brought about the inspiration for this article. I had been asked a question through an email which brought about the epiphany that I’m about to elaborate on in a second. So pardon me while i shake the rust off in this first piece.

The question was: Is watching porn good or detrimental for my dealings with women?

The inquirer went on to say that he believes if someone is already a douche bag, then porn will make them more of a douche man; if someone is already insecure then porn will make them more insecure; but what if that person is strong willed and confident?

So I went on to address his logic first to help him answer his own question:

Cocky douche bag + porn = More of a cocky douche bag

Insecurity + Porn = More insecurity.


Strong mind & Confidence + Porn = More confidence and a stronger mind?

I then went on to make him aware that we do enough watching other people live their lives with television and youtube; do we need to watch people have sex as well? I told him to be the content creator, not the content consumer; That if he must have porn, i’d advise him to go out and make his own.

And thats when I became aware of just how my consumption rate as of late, was far out weighing my creation rate.

I began to ask myself whether or not I was being a consumer or a creator, whether or not I was being a sheep or a shepherd. You see ,the leaders of the world are the creators, they make the material for the followers to indulge in. Its brings me back to and old drake line on his song “Light Up” that went “ And while most of my friends are out partying, I’m just hear making all the music that they party to. So party on, party on, all night..”. I even find it a bit ironic that someone could be at a club or social gathering listening to someone tell them why they aren’t as successful as they could be and its because they’re out listening to this song, and they just continue to dance and sing along. I’m just as guilty and thats sheep behavior at its finest. I’d like to think that line would wake the sleeping shepherds right up and they would exit the club immediately, but nah. We just keep on shaking it.

It brings me back to a conversation I was having with a group of women the led to why men don’t respect them… Every night women are out dancing to a song that was created to degrade and disrespect them. How is a man going to respect you if you’re out dancing to a song that disrespects you? None of our strong women of ancient time would be out jumping up and down and dancing to a song calling them hoes and disloyal. But its 2015, so I guess we just go with it? Cool.

Now while there is nothing completely wrong with consumption, if we’re going to be leaders in society it is imperative that the rate at which we consume is at least equal with the rate at which we create.

If you’re a musician, do you spend more time listening to music or creating music?

If you’re a chef, do you spend more time eating food, or cooking food?

If you’re a writer, do you spend more time reading books or writing books?

Most of us wake up, shower(consume water), brush our teeth(consume tooth paste), eat(consume food), drive to work (consume oil), and work at a job that is more than likely consuming more resources. We then get home, consume tell-lie-vision, eat, and the repeat the process all over again. Anyone with the slightest bit of foresight can see where this type of behavior is going to drive us as a society. So what do we do about it?

Now of course someone has to be a consumer, if we were all creators there would be no one around to enjoy the material that we create. This is just a direct shot to the core readers of my material. Those I’ve found to be the current shepherds and the shepherds at heart.

So I’d like encourage all of the readers to form a new habit. Let that habit be creation. I’m going to start a new consumption versus creation journal and I recommend everyone reading to do the same. Every night before bed write down everything you consumed on one side of the paper, and everything you created on another side of the paper and then see how much you’re really worth. See how much you are actually contributing to society. See whether or not you’re making the world a better place or whether or not you’re just taking up space.

If our planet continues at this rate of consumption, we won’t have one.

Be the creator.

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