Attract Women With An Abundance Mentality

What’s up guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post mainly due to all the writing I’ve been doing for my upcoming book titled ” The Worker Ant Syndrome” . That, combined with the answering emails, staying current with the forums, and the increase of clientele after the holiday season has left me with little time to contribute to my own blog. I had read a great article about the importance of waking up earlier recently and I decided to wake up two hours earlier than normal. This had allotted me additional time to contribute to areas of my life that I had recently been neglecting.

I want say thank you to all who are continuing to follow the blog and a big thank you to all who have sent me letters of appreciation for the content I’ve written here. Every “thank you” and every bit of recognition is more incentive for me to keep doing what I do. When you know someone is listening, you want to make sure you give them something worth listening to.

To continue, I want to discuss what I feel may be the most anti-seductive thing about the men in the culture of our society, and the men in many other developed nations today. And that happens to be : The Unwillingness To Make A Sacrifice. By choosing to understand that abundance does exist, abundance can very well be yours, especially when you consider the advantages of the society we are living in. We’re in this internet age where each and every day the speed at which we can acquire the tangibles we desire increases.

You want some food? Go to grubhub or seamless, click a couple buttons, and you can have a full cooked meal delivered to your front door in under an hour.

Feel like talking to a friend that lives halfway across the world? Not only can you call or text them in an instant, but you can even pull their face up in live time right on the monitor of your computer through Skype, Oovoo, or FaceTime .

Want some new clothes or some new shoes? Go to your favorite clothing websites, select the items you want, and they will have it personally shipped to your door. But not only that, most clothing stores and sites like eBay  will give you a a discount if you decide to order online in opposition to taking more time out of your day by going to the store to purchase the item in person.

We are being encouraged from every angle to take the instant way out. Our dating has even become instant. Why go out to bars and night clubs to meet women when you can download apps like Tinder, Okcupid, and POF and literally have women at your door step in a couple of hours if you’re skilled enough? Why make a relationship work? Just get a new one. All it takes is the click of a button…Right? This has become our society.

There are two kinds of situations that I deal with the most frequently when it comes to the mentality of the men I work with. There is the guy who is so rooted in this instant age that he has lost all appreciation for the opposite sex. As I said above, why stress over a girl when you can click a button and whip up another one? Especially when you consider that there are more quality women than there are quality men. Any man that’s good with women and/or is frequently around social settings can tell you this. It’s said that 20% of the men sleep with 80% of the women. Think about it… How many of your friends in high school and college were truly getting laid consistently? I’m not talking about that she- was- drunk-lay once or twice a month; I’m talking about those actually getting laid consistently when they wanted to…

I went on a three day dry fast a couple of weeks ago in which I couldn’t eat food or drink water for 72 hours. And never in my life up until around the 40th hour did I realize how truly unappreciative I was for water. Water was everywhere and everyone was practically giving it away for free. I can walk into any public bath room in New York City, turn on the faucet, and have water in an instant. Water has become so insignificant that we pollute it now without even considering what this means for the future. So over the course of the dry fast, the thirst and the desire for water over that 72 hours led me to even marvel at little puddles of unclean water on the streets of NYC. As the man above, its very difficult to value anything that comes so easily and cheaply. I won’t get into the specifics of the dry-fast  now, but just know that water literary shapes itself to the energy we are giving off to it at any giving moment. There’s a documentary called “Water” which breaks this down scientifically. The more you appreciate water the more the molecular  structure of the water bonds together, and the healthier the water becomes for your body. Say “I Love You” to the water, and the water molecules bond together to form a shape that resembles a perfect snow flake; say “I hate you”  and the molecules scatter and separate reducing the quality of the water. So the fast had many benefits physically, mentally, and spiritually, but the main one was that it had changed how valuable I perceived water to be; thus making all the water I put into my body from now on more beneficial.

I believe this happens with the people in our lives as well, and this is the problem all the men who lose appreciation for the opposite sex are having. Their lack of appreciation is causing the energy they give off to women to alter the emotional structure of the women in such a way that the women are becoming tasteless – reducing their quality. Women are becoming disposable, because like “water” they are seen everywhere and they are being accessed so easily. Remember when women were waiting until marriage to have sex? Nope. I’m guessing those were the days. Men were more likely to marry a woman because they knew there was no way she was going to sleep with them unless they did. Nowadays there are too many women that want commitment who don’t know of anything they can offer besides sex. And they even give that away before there is a commitment. So why would a man commit? Just so he can continuing getting what he was already getting without one? Give me a break.

Then there is the guy who understands the “instant” age but someway somehow he doesn’t believe he can get another girl better than the woman who is already in his life. And so they tolerate behavior from women that they shouldn’t; and if there is one thing a woman hates more than anything it is a man who is putting up with her shit. Men meet these women then lose their backbones and the woman’s respect for her man goes out the window. And once a woman loses respect for her man, the loves goes right on out the window with it. Even with all of the available dating websites, and beautiful single women all over the place in big cities, there are men that still hold on as if there isn’t another woman just like her a couple conversations away.

I’ve been a surviver of both situations  in my life at one time or another.  In my last relationship I had met a girl I had a lot in common with – we even had the same birthday. After the relationship ended I remember thinking ” I’ll probably never meet another women with the same birthday as me again”. I let that mentality cause me to internally hold on longer than I should have. And the moment I let that go and aligned myself back with the abundance mentality I had before the relationship, I met two attractive women over the course of the next three weeks who both shared the same birthday as me; and the woman I was with before. It was almost the universes way of saying, “Don’t you dare think I’m not capable of supplying you with abundance… Here’s goes two of them”.

I had always been lined up with an abundance mentality, but for whatever reason I had been led down this road once again to learn a few lessons I may of missed out on in the past.  And because of this, I now had more women of a higher quality who wanted to be in my life than I had previously.

I think it’s important that every man who wants to be skilled at attracting women learn to practice an abundance mentality by letting them go. I’m not encouraging you to go around sleeping with tons of women and then letting them go; I’m encouraging you to let them go before it even reaches that point. Practice walking away from the women that you truly like before it even gets that far. When you’re out at a club or a bar and you finally see a “ten” and you get her phone number; delete it, immediately after and move on with your life.

Know from deep within yourself that it is the willingness to make that sacrifice that will energetically make you more attractive to “ten’s” in the future. A woman needs to know that you can stand on your own two feet and be fine without her for her to continue to feel attraction for you.  And the best way to develop that in today’s society that i have found is to practice letting go of the women you truly want before you even dive all the way in. The universe will test you to make sure you are ready. You’ll meet some of the greatest women you’ll feel you’ve met ever, and if you pass the test when it does, a new world of abundance will open up for you. There are always higher levels.

For the guy who has lost appreciation for women I would encourage that you purge. Spend some time alone; spend some time in celibacy. When you go out to bars, don’t approach, just hang out with your friends and enjoy your drinks. Don’t answer any text from old girls, don’t masturbate, and definitely don’t watch any porn whether purging or not. I’ve had to do this several times in in my life. Ninety days of celibacy (no ejaculation) is said to rewire and reset the minds view on sexuality. Men who struggle to get an erection because of desensitization from over exposure to sex and/or the watching of pornography were said to correct their problem after ninety days without an ejaculation.

In closing, I think it’s important for men to find a healthy balance between the two men I described above. If you’re currently guy number one, spend some time purging, if you’re guy number two, practice getting the women you want and then letting them go until you find yourself within an emotional state and alignment that you’re comfortable with. Life is all about finding a healthy balance. Men too far in one direction shortly find themselves in the opposite direction because of the law of polarity – everything that goes up must come back down. Balance creates happiness and so balance is about hovering at a midway point so that one finds a healthy balance for themselves. Spend some time finding your own balance so that you can experience a higher level of emotional wellness and health within relationships. And let me also include that this is a male driven article; I think its important for men to learn how to attract and for women to learn how to be attracted. If a woman and a man both tried to adopt this same mentality they would naturally repel one another. Let one learn to attract and the other strengthen their ability to be attracted.  Men being hunters, and being more assertive about their approach to meeting and dating women are better off being the one to attract those who are most capable of being attracted. Any woman looking for tips on how to become more “attracted” feel free to email me at the contact us section of the website.

Thanks for Reading.

Peace & Love

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How To Get Laid On Okcupid

How To Get Laid On OkCupid

Note: This article is not endorsed by OkCupid.

Anyone of you readers having trouble getting online-dating to  work for you? I’m going to give you all an easy to follow simple guide  to securing lays on OkCupid. I have been getting email after email  from guys asking me to help them with online dating; and since I don’t  use it anymore, why not lay out all the secrets that once worked  for me and the few people I shared them with.

50% Of this guide is  setting your profile up in a way where girls will message you first  and all you have to do is finish the job. You’ll become the prize and  because of this you’ll dictate how this interaction turns out.

Now first let me say, if you are still at the stage where you aren’t  capable of having a solid 30-45 min phone conversation this will not  work for you. Second, this is not a guide to starting a successful  relationship, this is a simply a guide to securing easy lays through  the use of the internet. We’ll start from the ground up.

Here goes:

Pick A Catchy Username

You wouldn’t believe how many times I have been messaged on an online  dating site just because a girl was curious about my username. Before  they had even read my profile or saw more than my main picture they  were already filled with curiosity to contact me. Usernames that  other people have already chosen that you add random numbers to  aren’t going to get you anywhere. Take the time out and find a username that fits you that is catchy, mysterious, and most importantly  original.

No Selfies

This is where things can get a bit tricky for guys who don’t have any  exciting or interesting pictures. Online dating is all about your  perceived value; pictures showing you out having a good time,  traveling, taking part in competitive events, winning awards etc. are  all pictures that create an image of a guy with a high perceived  value. The pictures aren’t going to be as important as the content on  your profile but don’t think for a second that your pictures won’t  give you a huge boost in messages and responses. Girls that look at  your profile look for things to comment on; so even if they are  interested in you they may not message you simply because they  couldn’t think of anything to say. Make it easy on them and put up  pictures that show you being you, there are enough guys snap-shooting  themselves in the mirror with their cell phones.

Writing A Good Profile

There are two rules to this..

Rule #1 Get Creative

Rule #2 Don’t Take yourself too serious

Here is a revised version of my old online dating profile to give you  an idea on how to get this done.

“Hey ladies, my name is Adam, I’ve recently had a terrible divorce  with my wife Eve. I left her with our two sons Kain & Abel, and I kept  the pet snake Lucifer. I couldn’t take it anymore, she just wouldn’t  stop eating all the apples! And what makes it even worse is she would  blame the snake for everything. So I’m back on the market ; I  can run, jump, hunt, and make anything from fig leaves…”

It went on for a few more sentences and girls would just eat it up. If  you can help yourself, don’t copy and paste that to your profile  because its not the original; you’ll be trying to keep up with the mind of the person who wrote it.

Follow this motto throughout the rest of your profile and you will be  as good as golden. On the ” What I’m doing with my life” section don’t  go into fine details as to what you are actually doing; save that for  the first date, if there is one. Something vague like ” Its  complicated” will get you a lot more messages than going into depth on  what you are actually spending your life doing.

The first things people usually notice about you, is probably your  ‘super powers’ or ‘ you noticing them’, not so much any of your actual  features. Get it ?

The six things I could never do with out – once again, get creative. I  believe  mines were something like:

Free Wifi

Your netflix password


Speeding tickets

The bible

A beard

But once again, I would seriously encourage you to make your own. This  isn’t going to work for you unless you put the work in.

My Details

On the my details section fill out everything except your religion,  zodiac sign, select job as “other”, and your income. Girls pay  attention to a lot of zodiac sign/personality material so if they  can’t think of anything to message you with they can easily just ask  you what your sign is.

Match Questions

We already know that guys seeking to get laid instantly click over to  a girls match questions to the “Sex Section”  to find out whether the  girl is what mainstream society would consider a whore or not. And  after doing this for a while I’m sure you’ve came to the conclusion  that the girls who’s questions suggest they are just looking for sex  aren’t as easy to lay as it appears. Mainly because they are  constantly bombarded with messages from guys who think they are just  going to ” Fuck anyone ” because they want no string attached sex.

From my personal experience, there is no difference from the girl who  says they’ll have sex in 1-2 dates from the girl who says “6 or more”.  If you are on your game you can lay them all on the first night.

Answer the majority of the questions however you wish, but the two that girls pay the most attention to are when trying to find out what  you’re on the website for is

“Say you’ve started seeing someone you really like. As far as you’re  concerned, how long will it take before you have sex?” Select 3-5  dates.


Regardless of future plans, what’s more interesting to you right now?  Its fine to select “Sex” for this one. I can’t picture any man  selecting ” True Love”

Girls will read your questions, but once they become interesting in  you after a few messages the questions won’t matter.

Disclaimer: Don’t all noodles and answer a million match questions; I would advise most guys to leave 95% of the sex related questions unanswered – It definitely keeps the mystery alive; you don’t want anything thinking they know what you’re all about before they’ve even given you  a chance.

Now here comes the easy part…

Perceived Value

As you can see on OkCupid, members are divded into three categories:  people that ” Reply Often(Green)” “Reply Selectively(yellow)”, and  those who ” Reply Very selectively (red) “. Now whats the first thing  that goes into your mind when you come across a girl that replies very  selectively? ” She must get a lot of messages”, which translates to,  she is very desirable/she has a lot of options. So what would make you  seem more desirable? If you had a red dot to go along with your  profile.. correct? This is exactly what you are going to do. Just make  7-8 random profiles of anything you want, you don’t have to put  pictures up, and you don’t even have to use a ” Real email address”.  Okcupid doesn’t have a verify your email setting like other sites.  Message yourself about 3-4 times saying “Hi” or whatever you want on  each profile and this will instantly give you the ” Replies Very  Selectively Dot” . This way you will instantly stand apart from 85% of  the male members on OkCucupid who only have green dots. It’ll take you  15 mins the most to get this done.

Google & Download an Free Mouse AutoClicker

On the quick match section of OkCupid you get to rate girls from 1 to  5 stars and when you rate them either 4 or 5 stars OkCupid notifies  them that you’re interested. So what I figured was, if I download an  auto click and set it to 1 second per click, I could move my mouse clicker over to the 4 or 5 stars and rapidly notify hundreds of girls  that I am ” interested ” while I am outside running errands, cleaning  my place, or working. I would return to my comp after a few hours and  have 50+ messages from girls who will all notified by OkCupid to check  me out. If they are interested they will in return click “5 stars on  your profile and you will both be sent a message that says this:

“We chose each other! Hey “your Username, We chose each other! ”

This is from Plenty Of Fish, this method is just as successful with their  ” Meet Me” section.

OkCupid sure does make this easy don’t they?

At this point all you have to do is say something like “Aww I feel like a pokemon! lol I’m Eddie =P” and you’re off into a conversation. After 4-5  messages just pull for her number, call her up at that moment while  the iron is hot, talk on the phone, escalate sexually, and invite her  over to your place for “a glass of wine and  a game of ‘I Declare war’”

Not only does this method create a lot of opportunity for girls to check out your profile and message you but it also will open up the doorway for you to message girls that viewed your profile but couldn’t think of anything to say.

This same method can be used on POF’s “MEET ME” section and when its all said and done, your inbox will look a little something like this!

My Current Inbox

My Current Inbox


When it comes to messaging girls first remember one thing ” invest  little to nothing”. All you have to say is “Hey” with a  question of something from their profile and your first name  underneath like a letter. All those extra long messages about how you are her knight and shinning armor get disregarded before they get a  chance to read the second line. Why would you invest so much energy  into someone you know nothing about unless your desperate? I’m sure  you have better things to do.

Once again, if you don’t know how to escalate sexually via a phone  conversation, you have a bit more development to go through before this guide is going to work for you. But if you can, and you follow  this guide to a tee, you’ll be getting laid in a matter of hours.

By Eddie Fews

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