What Is Your Life Purpose?

What is Your Life Purpose?

With all of the current questioning of who’s lives matter and whose lives do not matter, I find it important that the readers come to an understanding of what purpose is and how to serve this purpose. The only life that cannot matter is a life that is devoid of serving a purpose, or a life that is unaware of the purpose that it is serving.

I say this because ultimately, we are all serving a purpose; the only thing to consider is whose purpose one is serving. Everyone has been given a soul, and within the soul of every man lays the reason he has come to this planet. Some men are meant to follow, some are meant to lead, some are meant to heal, and others meant to destroy. And so it must be understood that one can never find true happiness unless they are in alignment with their life purpose – whatever it may be.

So how you find your life purpose?

There are many ways, but the way that has worked for myself and many of my clientele is simple and only requires three things — A pencil, a piece of paper, and your undivided attention. All a man must do is write down what he thinks his purpose is. If it means that he must first write a thousand lines to achieve this answer, the he must and it is not until he writes something that makes him cry does he become aware of what his purpose is.

Any and everything that connects with our soul is something that strikes us up emotionally. If you ever find yourself reading a book or watching a television program and become internally emotional about what you see or here that is an instant signal from your soul that something you are watching, listening to, or experiencing at that moment has to do with the reason you have come to this planet. And so we must develop self -awareness and pay attention to ourselves so we know when our souls are communicating our purpose to us.

So a man may begin to write things down like..

My purpose is to become a lawyer and help men and women who are unjustly prosecuted


My purpose is to live a spiritual life without work or obligation

He must monitor himself and when he begins to get emotional about any particular statement he is to stop there and break down the statement by asking himself “why?”. The why’s will allow one to peel back the layers and come to the true core of what their purpose is.

For example:

A man writes “My purpose is to become a lawyer and help men and women who are unjustly prosecuted” – and then he feels a little hunch in his gut. He will then break it down by asking himself “why”. And it usually only takes four “why’s” to get the core of your purpose:

My purpose is to become a lawyer and help men and women who are unjustly prosecuted.


Because I believe that every man who lives righteously should have his freedom.


Because I find freedom to be of importance to every man’s growth and development. 


Because I haven’t always been free and I have experienced a well of happiness ever since I was given my freedom.


Because freedom has allowed me to be myself and reach, free, and heal other people. 

So what this man may discover is that his initial idea that his purpose was to be a “lawyer” was just a surface level concept based on the world that he was currently living in. What if that man was born into a world in which there was no law system and lawyers weren’t needed? The soul isn’t of today, the soul is eternal, so through this man’s feeling that he wanted to be a lawyer he was able to discover that his true purpose in life is to help liberate and free people in every possible way.

Do you see how it works?

That purpose can be taken and applied to many difference careers. Any career that involves the freeing of people bodies, minds, or souls will allow that individual to experience happiness in his daily life. A man that knows his purpose opens up his world is in tune with that which created him; he therefore creates internal happiness.

So what is your purpose?

I have worked with many of my clients on this question and for some it takes seconds while others may take weeks to finally write down something that resonates. However, even if it took years, the happiness that will follow the realization will be worth far more than any amount of time and energy that was put in.

As my clients attested to, this realization of their purpose meant that there no longer exist days that seem only defined by boredom and repetition. Their lives became a lot more valuable; the feeling that they were following a divine order gave them more zest when they woke up in the morning. They each realized that they are not here to live for themselves, but to live and serve a higher purpose for that which they were created for.

Now if you don’t believe in purpose or a need for one, I tip my hat to you. I myself am not sure where I would gather my motivation if it weren’t for my belief in something higher than me. I’ve been able to reach higher levels of achievement and accomplishment while under the belief that although I am self-employed on the surface, I am employed by the order of something divine that is within us all.

So if you understand where I am coming from, spend some time each day discovering what your life purpose is and when you figure it out or if you have already figured it out leave what you believe it to be in the comment section below. I’m curious to read them all. It is also possible for one to discover their own purpose through reading yours, thereby, adding to the site and helping any potential readers that come along after you.

Thank you for your eyes and full attention.

Peace & Love

Eddie Fews

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You Don’t Have It Because You Don’t Deserve It

 I’ve began to notice that everyone has a poverty like mentality when it comes to a particular area of their lives. There are poor men and women everywhere that are victims of thoughts that keep them enslaved to their conditions. Think poverty, talk poverty, and you will manifest poverty in your actions. Think wealth/abundance, talk wealth, and you will manifest actions that’ll lead to wealth. For many this happens unconsciously because they were raised by poor/wealthy families that have lead them into the thinking pattern they have today. So they go on producing and accepting having or not having.

So what poor mentality am I talking about ?

If love/sex were coins, many of you men would be homeless, strung out on the floor, shaking your coffee cups, and begging for change. It’s pitiful honestly; I see the tweets, the statuses, facebook comments etc. I almost want to shake some of you guys up so y’all can come to your senses. We’re idolizing and worshiping our women from a point of inferiority. I have no problem putting a woman on a pedastol, but I must first secure my position on my own pedastol. This isn’t fan telling a rockstar how amazing they are. This is a rockstar telling another rockstar that they like them too. Any coincidence that most celebrities date other people in their industry? They’re idolized by almost everyone else.But the worse part about the analogy I started this paragraph off with is most men don’t even realize that that’s how they are seen by every woman they idolize.

Would you date a homeless woman who sits around begging all day? No. There is nothing she could do to get you to do so. She could call you handsome and compliment you all day long but it just wouldn’t happen. Mainly because she hasn’t taken care of herself yet, so how could she possibly have anything to offer you? In terms of self wealth and value, a lot of our men have not taken care of themselves. Women are going after each other now. They’re “independent”, they don’t need us, because we aren’t offering anything.

If you guys want to get up off the floor and dust yourselves off its time to know what you deserve. Anyone that has anything, felt or feels like they deserve what they have. Even a spoiled brat kid with a million toys that wants more feels like he’s deserving of another one. So when he approaches his parents for a new one, he communicates to them from a deserving position. This is the same position you must come from when you approach, speak, or comment on women.

Everything you do must say ” I deserve you.. and I came to find out if you deserve me “

You can even turn this into a practice on your daily travels. Every time you see a woman you find attractive whether on Facebook or in person say to yourself ” I deserve you.. “. This is how you will begin to train your thoughts to feel worthy when you communicate with a woman you find attractive. You can even apply this same mentality to that new Porsche you have your eyes on. When you see that new car, that house or job you want tell yourself ” I deserve you”. After enough repetition you will be one step closer to attracting the things you deserve.

I was always taught that I can have anything that I truly feel I deserve. It’s more than just saying it, it’s believing it, but saying it is where it starts. Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, our actions become our habbits, our habbits become our character, and our character becomes our destiny. Let’s stop begging and start attractive the things we believe we deserve.

Peace & Love

Eddie Fews

For One on One Coaching and Consultations via Skype, Phone, or Instant Messenger; Email: EddieFews@gmail.com

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Players Conquer Micro Avoidance

Humans with fully functioning minds make thousands of small decisions every day; some that happen on the subconscious level and others that we decisively have to make. Have you ever been on public transportation and wanted to sit down but the only empty seats were being either guarded or directly in between two other people?

Many people would rather stand up regardless of how tired they are than make someone else uncomfortable by asking them to make room. Small decisions like this fall under the category of Micro-Avoidance and every time you let micro avoidance conquer you, your self-esteem lowers a bit.

What about that paper clip that has been sitting on the floor in your house for God knows how long, that you just don’t pick up? Something in you is nudging you to take a ten second break from the television or the internet and tidy up the place a bit, but you forget about it and carry on with your life. All of these small and almost insignificant choices we avoid every day add small bits of stress into our lives; and as you know, any added stress adds to the brain fog, and depression that seems to be plaguing the world today.

Mirco-avoidance even ties in to meeting, dating and approaching beautiful women. How often have you been standing in line behind an attractive girl in Starbucks that you would say hello to if you could just muster up the courage?

Maybe you figured you waited too long, and she would think you were weird for opening her after all this time. A pick up artist would tell you that you only have “3 seconds” upon seeing a girl to open her or else its too late. We at Way Of The Player personally find it hard to believe that every guy that has ever gotten laid opened the girl within the first three seconds. Sure it may optimize you chances of over thinking and saying something stupid but when you have enough value, there is always a window of opportunity.

Players are natural masters at conquering micro-avoidance; if there is something we want to say we say it; if there is something we want to do we do it. We live on the edge and following our hunches because we believe it will add to our character and grow our self-esteem. If we like a guys shirt, shoes, or tie, we don’t mind tapping him on the shoulder to let him know how awesome his sense of style is. This keeps us in the habit of becoming doers more so than being thinkers. If our buddy tells us he has this new wacky opener that girls have been going crazy for, we don’t analyze why or why not it may work, we walk up to the next attractive girl we see and try it out for ourselves.

Conquering micro-avoidance will pumps up your self esteem, builds your social momentum, and adds to your character. Right now; is there something you have been meaning to do that your avoiding? Maybe its to call your grandmother or father just to say hello; pick up the phone and do it now. You’ll feel a lot better. Have you been thinking about signing up for a gym to get in shape? Shut down your computer and go take a few tours of the gyms in your area. Conquering micro avoidance is a key element in becoming a player; you’ll be happier and feel more liberated that you ever have your entire life.

By Eddie Fews

For One on One Coaching and Consultations via Skype, Phone, or Instant Messenger; Email: EddieFews@gmail.com

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