You Get What You Give

So you want to become a Player? Good decision.

One of the most popular quotes to date has got to be; ” You reap what you sow” and this is just as true now as it has always been.

One thing I noticed is the things that people have the least of are the very things they hold onto the tightest and refuse to share with others. For example; you will notice that people who have very little money never tend to share anything they have. They seem to have this ” I only have a little so I need to keep this all for myself mentality.” Even when they come up on a little extra money they still horde all of the money for themselves.

I like to think that everything in life is either a test or a celebration and a man thats broke suddenly coming up on money is certainly a test. Now if he keeps all the money to himself, he will certainly find himself broke all over again. Now if he decides to share the money he has, he may begin to find himself in situations to make more money.

This very same concept applies to beautiful women as well. The men while out at bars that try to absorb every ounce of female attention and try and hit it off with every girl, even though they know that the current girl they’re talking to would be perfect for their buddy that they came to the bar with.

Instead of calling over their friend and introducing him to the current girl, he’ll continue pushing with the girl until he find himself getting blown out. Now, had he called over his buddy, and hooked him up with the girl he was talking to, I can assure you that he would find himself in a state that would be extremely attractive to the rest of the women in the bar.

As a matter of fact, he may even find many beautiful women coming up to him, leaving him as the prize and the selector. This is a mentality of abundance; the mind state that says “there are a lot of beautiful women that are attracted to me, I don’t have to have sex with every single woman that shows the slightest interest in me” is the most attractive thing a man can do for himself.

This is the same mentality that attractive women share; mainly because they have attractive men trying to hit on them all the time. I was stuck in this rut for longer then I should have when I was just a teenager. I was in a position in which I was fortunate enough to have friend that saw past my selfish nature and saw other things in me; because as a teen  I was always selfish.

I would never share anything with anyone; when I would get lunch money, I would buy myself food without having any regard for those around me and what I began to notice was that I was always broke; my friends on the other hand seemed to always have money and not only that, they always shared their money.

One of my closest friends received  the same amount of allowance as me every week and he always bought me things when I didn’t have the money and he did the same for  others; and ironically enough, he would always have money. Wether he would find money on the side walk or meet some guy that would want him to mow his lawn for a few bucks; situations to make more money would always seem to find him.

On the other hand, I would just always assume that he was lucky, without realizing at the time that people that give are always given to. It wasn’t until later on in my life that I decided to begin to be more generous with my money that I began to make more money. I remember it like it was yesterday, a good friend of mine had owed me 20 bucks for some bet we had made, so we agreed that he would just take me out to the movies instead.

The day that we were suppose to go to the movies, my Grandma had randomly just given me 50 bucks. A little voice inside of me said (this is a test), so when I got to the  theater, I told my friend that he didn’t have to owe me any money.

Not only that, I used the 50 bucks to pay for both of our movie tickets and I bought us both snacks. My buddy was ecstatic and praised me on the miraculous change I had just made. I enjoyed that movie more than any other movie I had ever seen in my life and I returned home to a message from Kieran telling me he would like me to be a part of Way Of The Player; which would also get me started with my new career as a dating coach; and I have been generous with anything I have ever since.

You see, people that are “giving” are often “getting” and more often than not they are given more than they had gave in the first place. When you think about it, if you plant a seed( something small and pretty worthless), it can grown into a tree (something with a lot more value and with a lot more mass). This all goes to say, be giving and free with anything that you have, if you hoard it all for yourself you will find that you will have little of what ever it is you are hoarding.

With women, always seek to set your friends up with girls as well as yourself. Even the random guy at the bar you had a quick conversation with; try and set him up with a few girls and you will find that you have so much abundance that you have no choice but to continue giving it away.

By Eddie Fews

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