Fight Your Demons

For some strange reason many of you so called “Players” out there think you’re going to reach a level where you no longer feel nerves or anxiety. The odd part of this is you think you are going accomplish this by reading tons material on the internet.

So that’s the plan?

You’re going to read every article on Way of The Player 10 times each and every butterfly floating around in your tummy will vanish? Well… I’m sorry to break it to you fellas, but you can kiss that theory goodbye. Last time I checked nerves and anxiety were natural human emotions felt by all of us and until science reaches the level where they can extract specific emotions from our DNA its just going to be something we have to deal with.

But continue reading, because there is some good news. The good news is you will become better at dealing with and handling your anxiety over time. However that is NOT going to happen if all you do is read articles on Way Of The Player. We appreciate every visitor and member of the website, but reading this material is NOT enough. Way of the player is full of great stories and information that will certainly give you an edge over the guys trail an erroring their way through this whole thing. But, reading and just reading will never be good enough. You MUST get out there, push through those silly nerves and take action. And this is why in our Ebook The Player Handbook, we’ve designed a step by step 30 day plan that will get you out of your shell and into the action.

We all have our demons and some of us allow our demons to regulate our choices. Others choose fight the demons and choose to operate from the position of us that wants to be great, the part of us that wants success. Nervousness and anxiety are nothing but your own demons working to keep you suppressed and unsuccessful  Too many of us are losing the battle to our own selves and its about time we get sick of it – You are your own worse enemy  You know those mornings where you wake up and just don’t feel like getting out of bed to go to work? What would happen if you gave into that demon and let it win the battle against you every time?  You wouldn’t have money, clothes, food, or a place to live. You take action against that urge to stay in bed because you know you have to survive. Carry that same mentality over into your love life – View being successful with women the same as you view making money to survive. If you give into your anxiety and don’t go approach, you are staying in the bed and not going to work.

The anxiety will never fully perish; you have to fight your demons. I have approached hundreds and hundreds of women, I’ve been doing so for years, and I still get nervous before making my first approach. The only difference is now I react before the emotion has time to spread. I’ve become better at taking action anyway because my confidence “Angel” has become more influential than my anxious “demon”. When I feel nervous I now become excited because I know I am being faced with an opportunity to push myself unto the next level. And I have only become this successful by dealing with negative emotions because I have taken actions against it; not because I read a bunch of words on the internet.

In the words of the great Jay-z ” They’ve read a bunch of words, I’ve lived a bunch of life. I have made approach after approach at the times when I was trembling with fear – I fought myself- Its the one and only way. Rockstars that have been performing for years have admitted to still getting nervous right before going on stage but once they sing that first note or say that first word, the nerves all vanish. This is what will happen to you when you start pushing through your own self.

If you haven’t done so already; log onto to the Way Of The Player Forums( Click The “Forum” Tab at the top of this page) and start a journal in the “Player Chronicles” section. Its time to get up out of bed and fight your demons.

Eddie Fews

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