Disrupting Her Reality

Have you ever wondered how you can get beautiful women to chase you? 

How you can get the attention of beautiful women women without doing much of anything? 

No matter what method you use, the key element to every method involves disrupting the reality of a woman. I have learned how to get a beautiful woman to come after me and chase me down. 

Now, there is more than one way to do this; you could throw your shot glass at her from across the bar and hit her square in the face… Don’t do that. 

Or my preferred method. 

You could simply change you way that you look at all the beautiful women you desire. 

When I do this, she now becomes the girl that I “wanted” (past tense). 

Do you ever wonder why it is always the unattractive girls that are seeking out your attention? Why can’t it be the supermodels and strippers that are drooling all over you? It certainly can be, but you must first take them off of that psychological pedestal you have placed them on. 

Many men have made a commitment to themselves to no longer drool over beautiful women and many have given up buying them drinks etc. But few have managed to discontinue idolizing these women in there minds. Some guys can handle not even staring at them anymore, but how many of you feel absolutely nothing on the inside when a 10 out of 10 hottie walks by you on the street? 

For you to understand this concept you must first understand that humans emit energy from their bodies every second of every day. Whatever it is you are thinking and feeling at the moment, that is the energy other people around you are feeling from you. 

Have you ever had one of those days when you are feeling on top of the world, like no one can touch you and everyone just seems to be responding to you positively? 

That is because your thoughts revolve around positivity and you are sending that positive energy into everyone around you. Wouldn’t you like to have that feeling a lot more often…? Don’t you want to Feel Like “The Man” More Often? 

There are a few things that help with this; the most important thing is what you are eating and drinking. What you put into your body is a direct reflection what’s on the inside; Mentality physically and spiritually. Hence the reason for the expression ” you are what you eat”. 

It’s simple logic that if you eat good you will feel good. I challenge you to begin checking the ingredients labels on the food you’re consuming and research exactly what some of that stuff does to your bodies, your mind, your spirit; you will be surprised. 

Another important thing is your breathing; when the brain is properly oxygenated it creates endorphin and endorphins are the same chemicals that make you feel good after a long work out. Pay attention to your breathing when you are feeling anxiety or fear; the breathing is likely to be shallow and rapid. On the other hand, when you are feeling good the breaths becomes deep and long. Train your self to take deep long breaths while in the face of any situation and your body will begin to repeat this habit on its own. 

How does this tie into beautiful women you ask? When you feel good, you have a higher sex drive, emit positive energy and people will just want to be around you. Simple as that.. 

Back To Disrupting Her Reality 

To disrupt her reality you have to give a woman a reaction energetically that is the complete opposite of everything you feel from other people everyday. 

You need to emit an energy that causes an alarm in her current reality; in order to bring peace back into her world she must do everything it takes to shut that alarm off( making you see her as a goddess like everyone else does). Everyone else becomes irrelevant and you become the only thing that matters. 

Just imagine if we managed to achieve world peace and in the hearts of every man they vowed to never kill or harm another; and then all of a sudden one guy started killing and hurting people. He could kill whoever he wanted and be untouchable because no one else would do harm. 

He would cause a disruption in the accepted reality and everyone else would have to abide by his rules in order to get him to stop. He becomes the most important person in the world because he is the only one rebelling. This man can then become king of the world as long as he vowed to never kill another. 

This is what you must do with the beautiful women that men so desperately want. Shake up their world; every other guy sees them as some super goddess and emits that energy into them. You must emit the opposite, when you do they will do anything at any cost to get you to stop. So they can resume their world of peace where everyone sees them as beautiful. 

You have to turn up the violence(metaphorically) and disrupt her world and she will do anything to bring back the world peace. Even if that means, making you king over her world. 

How do you do this you ask? 

Instead of turning you energy to the beautiful women when you see them you turn you energy to inward( I go deeper into this in my boot camp). She is no longer some super goddess, she is just a woman. No different from the over weight girl that passed by right before her. 

They both have two arms two legs, tits and a vagina. Disrupt her reality guys, all women are equal, the hot one is nothing special. Ask yourself when you see any women you want, “how can I disrupt her reality?”… And then she is yours. 

Game and seduction is 99% mental guys… Every memorable experience you have ever has is because the experience disrupted your reality. This is why this is so important.. You can do this guys! 

Eddie Fews 

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