Getting Women To Pay For Your Time(Audio)


Getting Women To Pay For Your Time is a 20 minute unreleased Podcast on getting more value out of your relationships. It’s not just about money, it’s about balancing relationships so both parties are benefiting.


3 thoughts on “Getting Women To Pay For Your Time(Audio)

    1. Anything you purchase from the site will automatically be downloaded once you make a payment.

      The Secret Laws of Social Wisdom is a book I wrote about the 50 Laws that need be followed to ensure success in all social situations.

  1. Getting Women To Pay For Your Time has endless and timeless value for those rare and special men seeking to live and lead higher quality lives.

    Eddie Fews articulates with unparalleled precision, the internal struggles we men face while striving for success AND desiring the women who want to be in our lives to actually contribute something to our life’s purpose, mission, and vision.

    This audio equips a man with the understanding he needs in order to develop (on his own) the skills necessary to better manage his relationships (with men and women).

    This audio is not just about money, or women. This is about high-level business and social intelligence. This is about setting yourself free to fully live your TRUTH and PROSPER from continuous RIGHT action.

    Thank You Eddie, thanks a Billion.

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