Get ALL 3 Hour Classes(12 Classes) from 2019 – The Entire Metaphysical Seduction Series


$1,000.00 $925.00

Get access to all twelve 3 Hour Classes and All 12 PDF files. Over 30+ Hours of Content.



Email: after purchase and I will email you the entire download.

Class# 1: Eye Contact Seduction  

Class #2: ‘The One Emotion Women Can’t Resist 

Class# 3:  How To Use Conscious Sex To Materialize Success’ 

Class #4: Learn To Reprogram Her Subconscious Mind, 

Class #5: Become Her Master Teacher, 

Class #6: The Power Of Polygyny For Alpha Males 

Class #7: Demystifying The Concept Of Male/Female Equality,

Class #8: Understanding Manhood and The Higherself Connection, 

Class #9: The 11  Principle Breakdown To Social and Economic Dominance 

Class #10: The Alpha Male Guide To Master The Modern Woman 

Class #11: A Dark Seduction Compilation

Class #12: A Year End Metaphysical Seduction Review

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