Guide To Having The First Date At Your Place (Audio)


Multiple hours of content on getting women to come to your home before ever having to take them out on a first date. You will learn to build bonds with women without even having met them yet. You can go from your favorite dating app to a dinner date at your home after a short conversation.

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One thought on “Guide To Having The First Date At Your Place (Audio)

  1. Hey Eddie
    Recently I began to listen to some of your messages on YouTube. The content you’ve shared has resonated within me. I’ve been involved with a woman for 13 years. It’s been quite tumultuous. At this point, I’ve decided to break up because she has an addiction to painkillers. Also, her 18 year old daughter is off the chain. She and I butted heads from the first time I met her. Her mom didn’t back me when I attempted to discipline her. I should have known then that we would have problems but I chose to stay and minimize my interaction with the daughter . Her mom tolerated this but it was always a bone ( no pun intended) of contention. Don’t date women with children 👶!!!
    I don’t have a question but I just wanted to reiterate that you are speaking some really good content for men to hear today. I just wish that I’d heard this much earlier in my life. A lot of heartache and disappointment could have been avoided.

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