You Must Upgrade Your Life – Standards

I know I have written multiple articles about raising and sticking to a higher standard, but I really can’t stress enough how important your standards are to your success with women and every other aspect of your life.

You need to put checks and balances on every aspect of your life.

Over the holiday season I began putting on a few extra pounds because I lowered the standard of what I was willing to place in my body, not to mention how much of it. By neglecting a standard I once held for what I would eat and drink the state of my physical appeal wasn’t as high as it once was.

The moment I became aware of it and made the DECISION to work myself back to my original weight the pounds began to come off. The standard for what you are willing to accept is going to be a direct reflection of what begins to surround you.

Women have to be attracted to me; they just do, that’s my standard for myself and simply won’t accept anything less. I won’t allow God, Mother nature, the universe etc. to hand me anything less this full blown positive attention from women. It’s in complete conflict with my reality; its simply not possible. I may sound like a mad man to some ” You can’t force someone to be attracted you to” and you’re right. I can’t, but because of my mind frame, the energy I emit into the world around me is undeniable.

The way I walk, the way I talk, the way I write, the way I smile, sip my water, drive my car, etc. all comes from the frame of someone who will be desired. Personally I think if I’m not number one I’m in the top three greatest looking Men to ever walk the face of the earth.

Sure you may disagree, but it is a pleasant way of thinking and so it is the way that I choose to live my life. And besides, who are you to tell me I’m wrong? You would certainly have to be better looking to do so.. See where I’m going with this?

One thing you must understand about women is, they’re only in support of what it is that you truly believe at your core. If you truly and deeply believe you are the sexiest man on the planet and they test your sense of self assurance(they will) and your results are in agreement with your frame, who are they to tell you any different? Note: This level of confidence should apply to every single area of your life and not just you’re looks.

Its time to raise the standards of everything we are willing to accept and project; is your current girlfriend all that you want a woman to be in your life? Are your friends pushing you, supporting you, and criticizing you when necessary in damn near every aspect of your life? Is your partner? If not, it may time to recognize your worth and begin searching elsewhere.

Find Inspiration

I discovered a new artist a couple weeks ago by the name of Marian Mereba; she isn’t very popular yet but as soon as I began listening to some of her music I realized that there was something uniquely unusual about her. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I could’t stop listening. Just yesterday(Valentines Day) she released her EP as I began listening, one particular song caught my attention. ” Go To London ” the lyrics are as follows;

“Can’t believe how fast time flew,
Taking with it, both me and you,
accidentally fell like fools ,
now its aching to break from you,
but I say go to london,
you won’t write and I won’t call you often.

Take the best of me,
I’ll keep the rest of me.

Go to London,
you won’t write and I won’t call you often.
Go to london,
If you don’t try, you will always be wondering.

About london.
About London.

So take the best of me,
I’ll keep the rest of me.

And go to London.

Darling can’t you see,
theres more to you than loving me.

So go to london.
You won’t write and I won’t call you often,
go to London..”

The depth of this song really got me thinking about my current life and my past relationships. Have I ever been with a woman that was willing push me to pursue my dreams and passions even at the expense of our relationship? A woman that would throw away everything we have built and worked on as a unit just to see me successful. I can’t say I have but because of the inspiration I found in the song; I now refuse to accept anything less than this within any future relationship.

We are often told to think big although most of us are already thinking as big as our mind our allowing to. A child in a third world country can’t possibly dream or think of being the number #1 stock broker in the United States because they haven’t seen one or heard of one. I never thought or dreamed of the kind of relationship spoke about in this song for the very same reason and now that I have, my standards have officially risen.

You Can Eat Your Cake Too

There is a popular expression that goes; ” You can’t have your cake and eat it too” meaning we don’t live in the perfect world so you can’t possibly get everything you want. I think that’s bullshit; whats the point of getting the cake if you can’t eat it? Phrases as such only hinder people from wanting to pursue their dreams. I get paid to take men out, talk to women, and party ; I’m attractive, funny and intelligent. I can honestly say I’m eating my cake; its time you begin eating yours.

I want to challenge every WOTP Reader out there to sit down with a pen and paper and evaluate every important area of their lives. Make a list of your standards and boundaries for each area and next to them write what your standards and boundaries could be. Even if at first it seems impossible. Anyone who has ever made major changes in the world was once called crazy by many before proving them wrong.
When you analyze your relationship; push your current partner to live up to your new standards; if they are incapable or not giving the effort, I believe its time to find someone who will.

Think bigger, dream bigger, and raise your standards every time you find the inspiration to do so. And you will granted with a happiness you never thought possible. Have your cake and eat it.

Eddie Fews

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