Give Credence To The Support Of A Woman

I was sitting inside of my uncles awning office earlier and I had begun thinking about my weekend. It was one of my close friends birthday this weekend and although I didn’t feel like going out; I had to go out and get him wasted like I promised.

So here I am – the guy that doesn’t drink, out with a bunch of old friends while they pre-game. We’re laughing, joking, and eventually we end up at The Woods in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I’m doing the usual lookout for attractive women, and the girl next to me is “accidentally ” rubbing her breast against my arm. I pay it no mind initially, so she leans over into me and says ” What’s going through your mind right now “. I’m like ” I’m just enjoying the moment.. What is your name”. She lets me know her name, we shake hands, and after a bit of small talk her boyfriend walks over to save his relationship. I introduce myself to him and then head off to buy my friend a few more drinks before I head out of here.

I get the drinks, hang out for a bit and then on my way to the door I spot a beautiful girl in a white dress. She’s walking right by me and on instinct I gently grab her wrist as to say ” Hey slow down.. I’m falling for you “. She turns, we lock eye contact, and for a moment it almost feels like we know each other. There was a full eight seconds spent in pure silence before either of us said anything. Eventually she smiled and I just went in to hug her. She introduced herself in this beautiful English accent all while telling me that she won’t be in the country for much longer. My mind began to scramble  and disappointment was creeping in so I ask her to come with me. She frowned and apologized for not being able to. I go for the number, but she has no working phone in America. She says she’ll add me on Facebook as I reluctantly let her go and make my way to the door.

Right before I reach the exit I spot another cute girl in a turquoise dress sitting at the corner of the bar. I walk on over to her, throw my arm around her shoulder and say ” Hey, I’m headed out, but your super hot; so this is me asking for your number ” She looks at my eyes suspiciously looking for any signs that she can trust me in there and  says ” What’s your name”. I say ” Eddie ” and I smile. She gives me that ‘you’re lucky you’re cute ‘ look an says ” okay I’ll give you my number “. I get the number, we talk for another minute and then I head home.

  The next day around six in the evening I text the girl wearing the turquoise dress.

Me: ” You going out tonight? “

Her: ” How and where did we meet again? I’m sorry I don’t really remember “

Me: “Lol last night.. You were sitting at the bar. I walked over, threw my arm around you, and got you number before I left “

Her: ” Haha I don’t remember at all. A lot of people were throwing their arms!” 

Me: ” Can you blame them? You were looking all fiiiinnnnnnnnneeee “

Her: ” Lol would you mine sending me a photo to refresh my memory ” 

Me: ( I sent her my facebook)

Her:” I was planning on catching a bus to go to providence at 10:30pm since I’m getting bored here. Would you like to meet up for dinner before?”

At this point I call her and boy was she’s cool. It turns out that she was visiting a friend of hers in NYC and had to leave this very night. I explain to her that there’s no need to go to back to providence just yet. I tell her she can stay with me and head back home in the morning. We go back and forth for a bit and then she agrees. I text her my address and she texts me to remind me that she’s over 6 feet tall before she comes. I chuckled… Awesome!

When she gets in my place, naturally her defenses were up. She was a little standoffish and aloof; what I believe was a challenge to the confidence I displayed over the phone. I felt the energy as soon as she walked in the room, but this is my apartment so I’m cool. At the end of the day, if I was smooth enough to get  her to come , I can get her to come again. Ya feel me? 🙂

So she tells me she’s hungry, as she did on the phone.  So I head to my kitchen to see if I have any food. There was nothing that wouldn’t take over 30 mins to cook. But no worries, I figure I’ll just order her something from GrubHub.

On the way back to my laptop to log onto GH, I see her on sitting on my sofa with my computer in her lap. I walk on over to her and as she feels me near she looks up with wide eyes and says ” YOU’RE HITCH!? “

  I smile, snatch my computer from her and say ” who said you could look through my stuff? “

She repeats the question from before, but calmer this time around.

I reply ” yes “

She tests me immediately ” so what are you going to do when this doesn’t work out? “

I laughed an said ” I’m actually doing okay”

I let her go through the stuff she was looking at. After reading my testimonials, she started to relax a bit. She realized that I wasn’t what she thought. 

She’s one of those girls that hear about pick up lines and say things like ” that would never work on me “.

And here she was, square in my living room with one of the guys who teaches the ” that would never work me” material.

She asks me a million questions, I order her food, and put on Don Jon when the food arrives. At this point we’re having a little small talk during the movie; an since the movies about porn it was natural that our conversation would transition into sex. Halfway through the movie, I suggest we watch the rest in my bed. She agrees and off we go. While in my bed I honestly wanted to turn the movie off and get to making out. I could tell she wanted to do the same, but for whatever reason I decide to suffer through it; just so I can ” finish what I start”(whatever that means).   Once the movies over she turns over an faces the wall and I’m laying there like 0_o.

I give it  about two minutes just to see if she makes a move that would suggest that she’s ready to go at it.. 

*Two Minutes later* 

  She’s laying there still – not moving. 

So I reach an lightly pull on her shoulder; suggesting her to turn around and she turns around instantly. Now we’re making out, and she’s awesome at it. Soft lips; and she knows exactly what to do with her hands during the process… I’m in heaven… I touch her everywhere I want an she shows no resistance. She’s into me; and i’m into her.

Hooking up with tall women has been a bit awkward for me in the past; but this one knows exactly what she’s doing. I don’t even look at tall women the same anymore. I tell her all of this by the way; and she’s pleased she gets to set the tone for all of the tall women I may decide to encounter in the future.

I’m constantly praising the women I’m with; and their praising me as a result. It’s like we’re playing this ” I bet I can raise your confidence more than you can raise mine ” game. It’s competitive and a win- win for the both of us.

I started loving this girl.. it was weird.

So as the story continues – unfortunately, but maybe fortunately I didn’t have a condom… We each thought about it not using one, but you know.. shit gets real out here.

I like to think that us not having sex, kept a certain level of desire between us for each other. And when there’s women out there having that “desire” for you, it’s energy that adds to your overall vibe. Girls can feel a guy who is desired by women; so the more you have women as a whole desiring you, the more they’ll feel that energy coming off of you – vice versa.

When you have sex and ejaculate most of the time there is this depleted feeling. Its almost as if you’re ejaculating all of the emotions you had for the girl prior right out of your penis.  And all desire for you have for them leaves; which eventually leads to the desire they have for you leaving. Women love men that love women – women desire men who desire women. Although, when you’re working with injaculation that desire remains, but injaculation is  hit or miss for me; it’s something i’m still working on.


We made out and touched each other the whole night.. I made her squirt with my fingers a couple times and then she warned me that if I continue I would be needing a new bed. I decided to take her advice on that one. I’ve had those experiences in the past, and it does make sleeping difficult. So after a bit more; we cuddle it out until the morning. She wakes up thankful, I wake up thankful and we talk a bit, before I call her cab so she could head back to Rhode Island.

Before she goes, I ask her when she’ll be in New York again, and  she informs me that she’s moving in two weeks to become a teacher in Hawaii. Naturally we have to let it go; and before she walked out the door, the look she gave me and the look I gave her suggested that if we ever saw each other again it would be on.

She entered the taxi, drove away, and I thought about taking a trip to Hawaii…


Moral Of The Story: 

I selected this story because even after this day; me and this girl still maintain a decent level of rapport over a distance. It’s always nice to have women texting you just to let you know you’re still on their mind and that you’re awesome. 

This girl in particular texted me to “thank me” a few days later; and i’m the one that thought I should be thanking her. I was good to her though; I was kind and generous, and because of this she is always going to be sending positive energy my way – which will fuel the “good karma/good luck” that will be coming into my life. We should begin to see all the people who come into our lives as opportunities to be add value to the life of another in whatever way we can. That energy always comes back around to assist us when we need it. When I was younger and less self aware; I would sleep with women and call them cabs the same night. I was cold and women could feel that energy coming off of me. It made attracting the highest of quality women more of a challenge. Now these same women flock to me a bit more than they used to. It’s a woman’s intuition;I read somewhere that female intuition is fifteen times stronger than a male intuition. We get physical strength and they’re a bit more psychic than we are; instinctively women just know when we aren’t being genuine. Its not like they hear a clear voice in their heads about it; alarms just go off and they slowly but surely begin losing attraction for the violater. I know it sounds like some “spooky” hogwash, but this is real – ask any other guy that does halfway decent with women.

Women are people; they have souls and if you’re going to have a sexual experience with them; treat them like it. 

Just take a look at the world we live in today. Seventy percent of all music is bought by women, seventy percent of clothing, concert tickets, books, shoes, etc is all bought by women. So who is it that are actually supporters of the world? If you had to align yourself with a support system; which group would be better to align yourself with? Men or women? You know how it goes; the man makes the money and the woman spends his money.

Guys have this “bro’s over hoes” mentality and I do agree with it on some level. Don’t let some new girl walk into your life and destroy a friendship, but there is a level in which this doesn’t apply. It is for this reason that I do business with men and spend leisure time with women. Now of course I have my brothers, but more off then not you’ll find me hanging out with women.

Men tend to get jealous of each other and the ego begins to run its course. We see each other as competition. So we don’t buy each others music as much, we don’t buy each others books, clothes, etc. because we’re looking for people to buy ours. Now if we only knew that if they bought others music more, others would buy our music more things would change. And thats a whole different topic for a different time, but this is something women understand. Which is part of the reason it looks like they’re taking over the planet.

Instinctively women don’t see men as their competition, so it’s much easier for a woman to show their support to a man than it is for a man to do the same.

Let take wildlife in nature for example. How often do you see male animals hanging out with other male animals? 

You see one lion and 4-5 lionesses. 

One rooster and fifteen hens. 

One bull and ten cows. 


Nature sets the example; so I believe it is wise to align ourselves with more women. The support they offer is unparalleled to the majority of the support you’re going to get from any man .  And There’s nothing wrong with getting laid, but when you do, be kind. Lay there with them the extra thirty minutes even when you don’t want to. You’ll probably want to have sex again after that time is up anyway. But even if you don’t, they’ll appreciate that extra time. And the support they offer you will be well worth it. Thats something you can’t buy. 

 If i’ve ever learned anything from dealing with the opposite sex; I’ve learned that you can never out give a woman. There’s a level of selflessness within them that allows them behave in this manner; whether that be for positive or negativity. That old bible verse cliche ” Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn” has been perpetuated through society for a reason.   

 Now this write does apply to men as well as it applies to men; I’ve just advising that we be a bit more conscious when dealing with women. And in no way am I encouraging you to take shit for anyone; women included. Know your boundaries and hold everyone else to them, but as long as people are operating within them there is no reason not to be kind. Be sexual, be assertive, and be confident, but most important of all.. Be KIND. 

Peace & Love

Eddie Fews

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13 thoughts on “Give Credence To The Support Of A Woman

  1. Excellent article yet again. Articles like this show and demonstrate that Eddy is one of few and far between, a notch above all others. 100% genuine and 0% show.

  2. Really enjoyed reading this — so glad you shared it with me. I spent a lot of time thinking about your ideology on woman and I like how you don’t hide anything. You’re completely authentic and lots of “Pua’s” teach that if you act natural you’ll lose the girl.

    Yet, you’re able to be authentic & honest without coming off as a guy with no skill. That’s where I think all guys should be.

    You said, “I’m constantly praising the women I’m with; and their praising me as a result. It’s like we’re playing this ” I bet I can raise your confidence more than you can raise mine ” Can you explain how you do this without the girl just thinking your an average guy complimenting her? You put a more mutually positive and attractive feel on it. Great!

    Love you’re stuff Eddie; truly innovative.

    – Rick

    1. Beautiful response.

      You have a gift Rick. I could only hope I could make you more aware of that, which in turn will add to the high confidence you already have.

      As far as the compliments thing – Since you’re in a band, I’ll give you a music example. Picture If you go to perform a show with your band, and then after the show everyone in the crowd comes up to you and says ” You guys are great!”. It would be enjoyable, but after a while all the voices begin to sound the same. Now image after all of that Paul McCartney happened to be at the same bar you were performing at, and he walked up to you personally an said ” Man you’re really good”. How much different is his compliment from everyone else’s? And why?

      His compliment is more meaningful because he is coming from the position of someone that is a legend; someone with value and status.

      I’m not giving girls compliments because I think its going to make them like me. I believe they are going to like me whether I give them a compliment or not. I’m just genuinely expressing to them how I feel. The guys that fail at compliments/giftgiving/buying drinks etc. fail because they are trying to impress the girl and/or they believe that if they say this or buy that it will make the girl like them.

      Paul McCartney isn’t trying to make you like him by complimenting your band; he could careless if you like him; He has plenty of friends. He’s simply just telling you how he feels.

      Its all in the attitude man. Women are going to like me because I’m me; the compliments are just extra. I do it to help raise them up; its a selfless thing. And trust me when I say they can feel the difference between a guy that compliments because he wants something(a kiss, a number, favor with her) and a guy that is genuinely just saying whats on his heart – especially since our words are only 20% of what we’re actually saying.

  3. Hi Eddie,

    Stumbling on your blog has been the highlight of my evening – enjoying your straight up reflections and advice.

    I feel like I’ve bookmarked a door to another world.

    The original phrase from the English playwright William Congrieve, in 1697 – “Heaven has no rage like love turned to hatred, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned” Act III, Scene VIII – The Mourning Bride.

    All the best

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  5. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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