Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman

I’ve always believed in and written about the concept of  having an abundant mentality, but not until recent did I wrap my head around the concept in a way that I had never before. Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman

For one reason or another I’ve been getting approached by women more than I ever have in my life. Women have been approaching me indirectly and asking me questions to some of the most obvious questions. Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman Eddie Fews
“Hey, excuse me do you have the time?” – While their phone is in their hand.

“Do you know how to get to “ 34th Street” – while we’re on 34th Street.

Right after I’d tell them, they’d always seem to linger around for about 5-7 seconds, waiting on me to continue the conversation. Now, while I normally engage with women I approach, I’ve been a bit thrown off by the gesture and, as a result, I’ve just stood there wondering if there was anything else they wanted to ask me before they nervously and reluctantly said “well okay…thanks” and walked away. Eddie Fews

Women have been behaving more like men toward me, and I realized that it was happening right around the time I started to think like a woman.

You see, a highly attractive woman has the ultimate abundance mentality. Guys are cat calling them, approaching them, and writing to them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter hundreds of times a day. As a result, they have no problem taking a break from the madness. They don’t mind putting their phone on silent or airplane mode and leaving it out of reach for a couple hours. They’ll cut a guy off that they were once into. They’ll even block certain guys on social media and on their phones so the guys can’t contact them if they wanted to. They’ll reject a quality guy, they’ll say no to “sex”, and they’ll walk away from a guy completely because they understand (and experience) that there will always be another attractive male trying to be in their life; there will always be another attractive male trying to sleep with them. Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman

That’s the difference between the mindset of guys who aren’t successful with women and the mindset of attractive women and men who are. The average joe won’t turn his phone on airplane mode, because he’s too afraid of missing out on an opportunity with a girl he likes. He won’t block a girl from contacting him – that he likes – even if she disrespects him, because he doesn’t want to miss out, if she decides to contact him. He won’t walk away from a girl he becomes somewhat emotionally attached to without trying everything he can first, because in his life, high quality women don’t come around often. He will never reject sex, if a woman throws it at him, and he will never turn down an attractive women that tries to come on to him. Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman

Now, what the average guy doesn’t realize is, because he “thinks” this way, because he tries to milk the most out every single opportunity with every attractive women that comes his way, he is developing a mindset that becomes a mild repellant to women. Consequently, he has to work a lot harder, chase women up & down, sell himself, and practically convince women that they should consider dating him. The mindset he has and the frame he projects makes women suspicious. They have to test him more, they have to screen him thoroughly, and they have to qualify him. Women aren’t just falling into his lap, because they get the intuitive sense that he would date anyone that was attractive. He seems to have no real standards beyond the surface, so she needs the guy to convince her. And if he’s has the gift of gab, but lacks the true “abundant female mindset”, she will find out that she’s been with a loser in a couple of months – that he wasn’t real, he just convinced her he was.

So, what men have to do is begin walking away from women that don’t live up to their standards. Not only is this going to make women build themselves up more, but it’s going to cause you to project a frame that says “ I HAVE STANDARDS, AND I WILL NOT DEAL WITH ANY WOMAN WHO DOESN’T LIVE UP TO THEM”. And thats the most attractive thing a man can do. A woman wants to feel chosen, she doesn’t want to feel like you settled for her. They want to feel special, they want to know that you could have dated any woman in this world if you wanted to, but you chose her because she is the one woman that met your standards. She is exactly the one you were looking for. Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman

So, as men we have to begin to develop standards beyond the surface, if we don’t have them already. Because, if all you require is for a woman to be attractive, thats all she will be. That’s a huge part of what is contributing to the madness we’re looking at on social media today. If she’s pretty enough, she can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. What is this teaching the younger women? What does this make them feel they have to aspire to? There is a place for money to be made off of beauty, but that can’t be ALL our women are into. A young girl without the proper guidance or role models can instantly view that as her ticket to success. We all know that beauty fades, so when the looks wear off and even younger women replace them, what will we be left with?  Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman

I think it’s wrong for us men to complain about women when we’re the ones that are not holding them to higher standards. And this goes for women too. If every woman decided today, that they would not sleep with a man that wasn’t an intellectual, every man would be walking around with a book in his hand. That would elevate society immediately. A lot of power is held by the standards on which we base attraction. Women hold that power over men, and men over women. So will complaining about each other change a thing? No. But collectively holding each other to higher standards will. Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman

And it all starts with each of us as individuals. Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman

You attract what you think. Think abundantly, speak abundantly, act abundantly, and you will find your life being filled with abundance very shortly. Women have been approaching me for the simple fact that I’ve been letting go of the ones who didn’t live up to my standards. I’m projecting something different. My mindset influences my frame, my frame influences my aura/presence, and these things contribute to what a woman will intuitively pick up from me when I walk into the room. And when they finally see something different, they may just take their shot, just as we men do.

So this is my PSA, if you will. Learn to walk away while there are still options left. It’s easy to walk away when you’ve tried everything else; that’s not abundance. The hard part is walking away when you may still have a chance, but you know that the woman is not up to your standard. The hard part is turning down sex from a woman who you know isn’t up to par. Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman

But once you begin to do that, the types of women you really want will take notice.

We can’t hide anything in this world. Everything we do, whether in public or in private, will determine what we project from within us. Every action, every word spoken, and every thought is emitted from us.

Emit abundance… Get abundance. Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman Eddie Fews

Peace & Love Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman

Eddie Fews Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman

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12 thoughts on “Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman

  1. Amazing article. Man, you really should be among the top of your field. Your articles kick ass. I have a girl next to me right now. She read it and agrees 100% with your article. I live in Las Vegas. If you ever come to the city, let me know man. I own a professional videography company and if you’d like, I’ll help you record a few videos for your website free of charge. Keep those articles coming. You have a very chilled, unique, straight-to-the-point writing style. Very informative stuff. Thanks for sending the link. I greatly appreciate it.

  2. Wow, interesting…interesting. You’re full of wisdom. If only all men thought like you.

    I love this part:

    “We can’t hide anything in this world. Everything we do either in public or in private will affect what we project from within us one way or another. Every action, every word spoken, and every thought is emitted from us.

    Emit abundance… Get abundance.”

    I’m working on this, Emitting abundance. I’ve always believed that we attract what we are.

  3. I think it’s fantastic! Well thought out and expressed in a logical vein. I dig the concept of holding the opposite sex to a higher standard, I think that’s where the solution lies as well. There are a couple things I can’t get on board with, only natural lol. But all around I think it’s was a great piece. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dang brother, what hits me the hardest about this article is that I was thinking very similar to what this article describes. My wife and I have been spending a lot of time together,  but I don’t feel as if she’s putting in enough effort/investment to make it work.  I have been thinking about distancing myself and telling her what I want and she’s not providing to me the security that I need. I know I can find this characteristic in someone else,  but it’s hard when it’s your wife and mother of your child!  Great article as usual!

  5. Preach, Eddie, preach. It is my sincere hope that your words travel and it opens dialogue amongst otherwise wayward men.
    It was always a point of contention with me to have a man ask for my number as soon as he approached having asked me no other question to get a feel for who I am or whether we were even compatible. That immediately signified that his intentions were solely carnal… and that was a turn off.

    Abundance mentality: I see it most among educated young professionals because they’re a hot commodity. So enters the dynamic of supply and demand and these men now have the power of choice–the choice to qualify the woman that most fulfills him. It’s definitely something “average Joe” can learn from and use.

    I will however admit, being overtly “qualified” by a man feels awkward. It must be natural/subtle.

  6. Excellent post and I couldn’t agree more. It amazes me what guys will put up with…until I remember I used to be one of them! Enforcing and maintaining boundaries is probably THE most important skill around women, without them the relationship completely falls apart. Especially with the huge amount of Cluster B women wandering around, guys need to be very careful these days

  7. Great stuff, as expected. Just keep approaching. Even if you are in a relationship, what is wrong with striking up convo with an attractive woman? 8)

  8. Interesting article. I have heard this concept or different versions of it from other men who are successful with women. I guess some people naturally start excluding girls once they reach a certain level of skills with women. It can probably be “forced” by someone who is not at such a skill level yet by eliminating the girls that don’t really cause a high level of interest. I certainly need to start applying this on my own life since I often sleep with girls that I am not even very attracted to. I used to have a friend who said: “A man who eats a good meal and a bad meal, eats two meals” – of course referring to having sex with girls.. lol. But I guess I am going to start changing that philosophy.

  9. Eddie-

    Have you noticed that by focusing on thinking abundantly that flakes have reentered your life?
    Such as, if you hit a girl up and they don’t reciprocate (regardless of how interested they were when yall first met), you are in an abundant state and do not reach out again. Have these women been reaching back after a time?

    1. Absolutely Playboi,

      But if you want the abundance to continue to expand on higher levels you don’t pay them no mind. You don’t even open the text. If the text is so long that it can’t be read without opening it, you disregard the curiosity that “just wants to know” what she said, even if you don’t plan on responding. Don’t open it. Just delete it without opening it and move on. When you continue to plow ahead a lot more than old flakes returning will begin taking place in your life. Women “accidentally” bumping into you, women approaching you, handing you their numbers and beyond.

      Theres always a higher level. Resist instant gratification and you rise.

  10. I just read this, and it was brilliant. There are many women who could get a reality check from this. You’re a brilliant writer.

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