The 7 Things All Men Need To Stop Doing

Lying To Women

The isn’t a chronological list that’s in order of ” most important to least important” but this first one is more important than any of the others. The bad reputation that is associated with “players” is directly linked back to the lies players have been known to tell in order to get what they want. No one hates the guy that is sexual active and completely honest about it, but we all hate the guy who lies and tries to hide his reputation. This generation more than any other has become aware of how much owning your truth can affect your life. Take a look at someone like charlamange the god(the most popular urban radio personality), he says controversial things all the time and has a bit of a bad reputation. So what allows him to continue to be successful despite his reputation? What allows people that are more world reknown to love and respect him? The fact that he is always honest when he is confronted with the truth. He’s publicly spoke about his penis size and him taking magnum rx pills to try an enlarge it to no avail; along with many other things. And he remains to be accepted because he isn’t ashamed of his decisions.

The past is the past and there is nothing that can be done to change that. Lying about it only lowers your own self worth and confidence. Every time you lie you take a step down in consciousness, and every time you tell the truth you take a step up. People may not always directly know when you’re lying, but they can feel it. There is always a noticeable shift in the vibe when someone gives into weakness and decides to be dishonest.

I find that quality women make a point to bait us into lying when we first approach them; they ask us a question because they want to see if we’re “real” or not. In that moment, they’ll look us into the eye and wait for our response; checking to see if we pass the “real/fake” challenge. Now if we lie, they’ll lose all attraction for us and we’ll find ourselves in a position where we “can’t think of anything to say”. At that point we have to move on to the next girl; or confess our lie and see what happens.

If you deal with quality women you know exactly what i’m talking about, but even if you don’t, this is a good practice that’ll prepare you for the moments when you are.

Telling People Who They Slept With

This is another big one; who you sleep with is your business and your business alone. What you and your girlfriend do behind closed doors is not something to brag to your boys about. Girls gossip, leave that to them; as players we have to have a bit more integrity. Getting laid is no longer some badge of honor; that’s high school stuff. If you feel the need to talk about it, chances are it doesn’t happen to you often.

And I don’t know about you guys, but when a guy tells me all the wild things he’s been doing with his girl it’s a bit of a challenge to view her the same. Naturally you’ll sexualize them in your mind; and I don’t want that for me or any of my friends. Also, when you’re a guy that keep his business on the low; a lot more women will gravitate to you. They’ll feel like they can trust you and they’ll get a bit wilder in the bed with you than they would with the average Joe. It’s all in the vibe you give off and your character(the things you do when no one is watching) effects your vibe. So give off that ” what we do is our business and no one else’s ” vibe and watch how much more attention you’ll get from women.

i.e. Think about Vegas.. the famous quote ” what happens in Vegas stays in vegas” inspires many women every night to get a little loose.

Bros Before Hoes

I love women just as much as the next guy but a lot of these interactions are temporary. What we have with are boys has usually been in place for sometime and has a higher probability of being in place than things in place with women. Think about it.. how many of your boys from the past are you still cool with? How many of the women from your past can you still rely on? That speaks for itself.

Nothing fustrates a guy more when his buddy chooses a woman over his friends. Because if she’s a real girl, someone you can have a sustainable relationship with, you won’t have to choose.

Don’t leave your boy alone to go get laid, don’t sneak around with women he likes behind his back even if he can’t get with them – unless he gives you the green light. There are billions of other women to choose from so your bros must always always come first. This is the rule; friendships hold a lot more value then pussy does.

Keeping Score

I notice that a lot of guys keep a count of the number of women they sleep with as if that is suppose to mean something. I know a number of guys that have slept with a lot of women but I don’t consider them players. Mainly because they had to lie and manipulate to get what they want. If you have to lie to get laid; the lay is empty and meaningless. That empty feeling will usually follow up behind each new partner.

Players aren’t out there sleeping with women to validate themselves. Players just genuinely love women and/or love having sex with them. The amount doesn’t matter; we’re validated by how thoroughly we serve our purpose, and not by the sexual acts we engage in with others. Don’t count the number and certainly don’t brag about what the number already is. Do things because you enjoy them and not because they make you feel better about yourself.

The Blame Game

I find it odd that men consider themselves leaders when they point fingers at women for the downfall of their relationships. It’s a kings job to successfully lead his kingdom dispite it’s condition. Could you imagine if Barack Obama started pointing fingers at the American citizens for the downfall of the American encomonmy? What kind of leader would he be? Sure some people inherit difficult situations like our current president has; but he still has to do his best to change things or risk being nailed to the cross.

No where in history has the collective group of citizens in nation been blamed for the destruction of their civilization. We hear about Cesar, Napoleon, Alexander the great, Hitler, Stalin etc. They are the ones that take the wrap; not the people that follow. So as a leader in your relationship/group of friends, you are never to blame them for the reason things went left. Accept full responsibility, unless you’re not a leader of course; and if you aren’t a leader, you aren’t a player so this article isn’t for you.

Keeping Quiet

I was in my local market the other day and at the counter was a boy around the age 10. He was speaking to the store clerk about which over the counter pain reliever he should take for his headache. In his hand was a soda and he waited as the clerk reached to hand him a Tylenol. Surprised by the situation I stepped in immediately and spoke to the kid first ” 90% of headaches come from a lack of water in the body, so if you put that soda back and grab a bottle of water you should feel better. “

He went on to what I suggested and as he left I had a quick word with the clerk. ” you know better than that man, that kid is only ten years old”. He knodded to me in shame, I paid for my items and left.

I say this to say; speak up for what’s right. We all fall short; I don’t speak up as much as I should, but it’s important that we fight through our natural resistance and do what’s right. There is a powerful feeling that comes from doing something positive for someone else. You’ll feel better, you raise a level in consciousness, and you will be aiding a fellow human at the same time. Sounds like a win, win, win to me. Everyday we are presented with opportunities to take a stand. So do not hold your tongue, stand up and speak your truth even if it means you’ll be taking a temporary loss. This is what being a true leader is all about.

Tunnel Vision On Pussy

Pussy is great, love is awesome, and women are even better, but there is more to life. The majority of the men that I’ve met that are great with women don’t have much money. Seducting women is their sharpest skill and it tends to be what consumes all of their time. As a result they are left with a lot of sex, but very little cash to live off of. That’s where the women come in and help support them; so it doesn’t fully click that they may have to make money on their own. Players don’t live like this; a true player will not sacrifice a shot at an advancement in their personal life for a shot at a new piece of ass.

Sure if you want to be the best you have to dedicate a lot of you off time to improving, but don’t forget that there is more to life. We all have a purpose and a reason for living; life is about advancing and leaving things behind when we past that can help the next generation. What work are you leaving behind for others? Children to raise? That’s all it will be until you begin to think about chasing things other than women.

A player chases himself first; women will always come second to that.

There are many more of these things that we as players must stop doing, but let’s crawl before we walk. I’ll leave you with this seven for now. Until next time.

Eddie Fews

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The Power In A Proper Compliment

There has been a myth going around the seduction community for some time that you should never compliment a woman on her looks. That instead you should point out something unique that a guy doesn’t usually compliment her on to get her attention. While I agree that an indirect compliment will definitely lift a woman’s spirits, I can’t help but laugh at the guys who are afraid to acknowledge a woman’s beauty. And I won’t even bother addressing the men who think they have to NEG – say something negative to knock an attractive woman off her high horse just to get her attention. I would only advise the men on that level of social immaturity to get a horse of their own before they even think about connecting with the opposite sex. But back to the subject at hand..

I believe that a proper compliment based solely off of a woman’s looks is the best way to connect with her. Women carry purses that are usually filled with items to touch up their appearance( make up, mirrors, etc.) which only suggest that they worry about what they look like a lot more than men do. What better way to ease the mind of a woman than to let her know that she doesn’t have to worry about how she is begin perceived at that moment. Having put her mind at ease, she can now contemplate other matters.. perhaps even.. YOU?

Now there is a catch..

The compliment certainly has to be unique and more than unique it has to be genuine. A compliment such as “ You’re beautiful/sexy/hot/cute/pretty” is unreacted to for several reasons.

Reason #1

It’s obvious-She hears this ALL the time.

Reason #2

When you say “ You’re beautiful” you are stating it as if it is a fact. While YOU may perceive her as beautiful she may be the complete opposite to someone else. Now although she may hear the word beautiful all the time; changing “ You’re beautiful “ to “ I THINK you are beautiful “ will get you a completely different reaction – I guarantee it.

Reason #3

There is no YOU in this compliment. What more is she supposed to say other than “ Thank You ” while walking away. Exactly how do the men that walk around calling women “hot” expect them to respond? Did you think they will lean into you and start making out with you? Grab your hand, take out a pen, and write their phone number on it? In what reality does this happen and why is it that the urban man sits around waiting for miracles instead of making them happen. This is your life; waiting will only get you what waiting has already gotten you.. Which is what?

Women wear tight dresses, high heels, and even walk the way they do because they WANT to be viewed as attractive. They want some guy to be confident enough in both himself and her to compliment her beauty without fear. So compliment her beauty relentlessly, do so with passion, high energy and she’ll love for you it.

The trick to successfully complimenting a woman’s looks is to state how the way she looks is making YOU feel. She doesn’t want to know she is attractive as much as she wants to know how much her attractiveness is affecting YOU. This is about YOU, this isn’t about her looking a certain way; it’s about her beauty filling YOU with fire and desire from the inside out. No woman can resist a man confident enough to express how tempted he is to give into weakness because of her beauty.

I’ll give you an example..

Back when I experimented with the online dating thing, I realized that all men would do is compliment a woman on her looks and the women hated it. Why? Because they weren’t doing it the proper way. They would all say “ Hey Beautiful, Hey sexy, you’re hot etc. “. Now as you stated before, they could of received more responses if they said “ I think you’re sexy, I think you’re hot etc “, but I decided to take a different approach. I was going to describe in one or two lines how the way a woman looked was making me feel. I never had to read profiles.. I would just monitor my emotions while looking at their pictures and just describe this to them.

One of my favorite lines was “ damn make me wanna knit the both of us matching sweaters.“

I could send that to ten girls and get seven responses, because I was stating how the way she looked was making me FEEL.

A proper compliment tailored to a woman’s looks also does something powerful for your benefit. Not only will paying a woman a proper compliment heighten the way she perceives herself, but it will also heighten the way she perceives you. We’ve all heard the expression “ It takes one to know one “ and people are only mirrors of ourselves after all. When you comment to a person on anything they subconsciously think it must have something to do with you. So by validating her attractiveness you are also validating your own.

I used to date this girl named Natalia, and boy was she BEAUTIFUL… But she wasn’t always that way. Natalia was my next door neighbor when I lived in the suburbs. And before we were together I would see her from time to time, but I never really thought anything of her. Then one day I had a friend over who came into my house excited saying he had no idea I had such a sexy neighbor. He was also wondering why I had never made a move on her. I told him I didn’t think she was all that cute, and he told me I was crazy. So immaturely I said to myself “ Fine, I’m just going to sleep with her to score some cool points with my boy; not to mention, the idea of sleeping with a next door neighbor is a bit exciting.”

The next day I looked her up on facebook ( we went to high school together, she was three years older) and sent her a message:

Me: Hey, there’s this cute girl that lives in my neighbor hood.. You know her?

Her: (I don’t remember what she said but it was something like..) Haha yeah that’s me 🙂

Me: Dope.. So can I borrow some sugar?

Her: Sure 😉

I think she thought I was joking, but I went right on over, knocked on her door and asked for sugar. She laughed, we talked for a bit and then we exchanged phone numbers. The whole time I am thinking “ This girl is not all that attractive -I’m not even sure I want to go through with this “. But I was on a mission and I was going to complete it. I called her a couple days later, chatted with her for 20 minutes and then invited her over for a back yard picnic. So there we were, hanging out in my backyard, me still thinking she’s not that cute, and then it all started… She went into a mind state where she began describing to me how attractive I was for about fifteen minutes. She had been in a metaphorical cocoon and once the compliments began to rain, she broke out and emerged as a butterfly. My eyes glazed over and I was hers. I ate it up and for the first time since I had seen her I began to view her as all of the things she was telling me I was.

“ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – General Lew Wallace

“ A pimple turns to a dimple when you’re in love” – Japanese Proverb

Long story short

I fell more in love with Natalia that I’ve ever fallen for any woman in my entire life, all because she made a habit of constantly telling me how amazing I was. And as I stated above; subconsciously I would associate all of these great things with her even though my original opinions of her were negative. Her opinions of me, became my opinions of her and she knew this. I had fallen for her, I became emotional over her, and she began looking for a new male the conquer with her silver forked tongue.

There is a lot of power in the compliment and we must also realize that the more compliments we give out to others the more compliments we get in return. Compliments boost both someone else’s confidence and our own so it’s a win-win situation. Just make sure they’re genuine, original and tailed directly to the person. “I like your dress” doesn’t cut it; it’s cliche and heard by someone somewhere every single day. Try “ That dress goes great with the tone of your skin, how did you know to pick that color? “ That’ll open up the person and get the conversation flowing, but just remember that it has to be honest and genuine. If you love women enough, this will all be easy for you. Just begin expressing to them how much you really do LOVE specific things about them and how these things are making you FEEL.

Eddie Fews

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Was Jesus Christ An Alpha Male?

What is An Alpha Male?

This is one of the most common topics within the Pick Up Artist community that I find when I’m on boards and forums dishing out advice. Every guy is trying to figure out how to behave like or how to become an alpha male. The latest post just happened to be “ Was Jesus Christ an Alpha Male ?”. I chuckled and began reading a few of the responses on the board. The poster that the majority of the board agreed with said something along the lines of “ Would an Alpha Male ‘Turn the other cheek?” which is a reference to – Mathew Chapter 5 Verse 39: but I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. I’m guessing the murderous action hero from the latest terminator film didn’t fit what was thought to be their ideal alpha male. And while I am not here to defend christianity, I will go in and bring further understanding into exactly what an alpha male is. But to answer to initial board question; yes, Jesus was most certainly an alpha male.

You see, an alpha male isn’t something anyone is ever going to read a book or article about and just become. You can buy a thousand books on how to ride a bike, but until you actually climb on one and try it out you won’t know how to ride a bike. The even bigger difference here is, being an alpha male isn’t something that is technical. It isn’t something thats going to be “learned”, its more so something one will naturally become upon engaging within the proper circumstance/s.

Some see it as Alpha males are born, not created, but I disagree with that theory. Sure a young child who has an alpha male role model for a father through imitation and practice can be stimulated into being an alpha male. But was he born that way or was he learned that way? It was learned and I also know that every man out there has the potential to become one upon being confronted with the right stimulus.There is an alpha male hidden inside every one of us, however most will never become it because they’ve chosen to be victims of fear.

An alpha male is not something that can be defined by a set of behaviors. There are too many articles encouraging men to sit with their legs wide-open, and to take up lots of space wherever they go, because “thats what alpha males naturally do”.  And while almost anything can have its own bit of truth, the taking up space theory and behaving like Don Draper in Californication is nonsense. If you think that sitting with your legs wide open is going to increase your chances of getting women enough to make a difference in your love life, you my friend are not in no way an alpha male. I can get a woman with my legs crossed and both of my hands in my pockets, just as effectively as I can get a woman with my legs and arms completely spaced out. It is not my body placement that a woman is attracted to, it is the spirit that is in me. It is the presence that emanates from that spirit. It is my life experiences and courage that have given me my aura. Its is the rough times, the poverty, the being made fun of, the being forced to be different that has created what has made me an alpha male.

As I said before, you’ll never read a book and learn how to be an alpha male. You either are it or you are not. You’re either going to toss yourself into the fire to become one or you’re going to ride out safely in the comfort zones given to you by society. You’ll either be the leader, or you’ll follow the guy who wasn’t as much of a wuss and did all he could to ensure that he possessed something that no one else did.

An Alpha male isn’t rich, and alpha male isn’t poor, and alpha male isn’t fat, and alpha male isn’t skinny, an alpha male isn’t handsome, and an alpha male isn’t ugly, an alpha male doesn’t take up large amounts of space, and a alph… yeah yeah I know. You get the point.

Alpha-ness is a spirit.  Alpha-ness is taking risk and getting uncomfortable. Not using google to become something that someone else has. Every alpha male has his own opinion and set of behaviors that what might compile into why he is an alpha male, but the one thing we all can agree on, is that an alpha male isn’t ever asking questions about what a alpha male is. An alpha male is too focused on being himself.

If you are an alpha male, salute to you and thanks for reading, but if you’re looking to become an alpha male, you need to stop reading and asking questions about alpha males. It’s time to start living. As Jay-z said about some of his peers in the corporate world that he’s surpassed; “they’ve read a lot of books, I’ve lived a lot of life”. When will you stop reading and start putting into action the material that you read?

If you want to become an alpha male you have to get up, get out, and go live. You have to be prepared to experience pain. Just as exercise is pain that causes one to build the body that they want; living life to your highest convictions despite how you feel in the moment will give you the emotional body(alpha-ness) you desire.  You’ll become one naturally after enough experience doing so. You won’t have to try to become it, you’ll just be it, and how to be it won’t even be something you think about.

So yeah, while I have my own reservations about the religion and some of the theologies, Jesus was an alpha male, because he understood that he was on a mission. He stood by his beliefs, did what he felt was best, and wasn’t going to let the opinions of anyone stop him from accomplishing that. He lived his truth, and in layman’s terms, he didn’t give a fuck what anyone in opposition thought about it.

Wanna be Alpha? Get up and go Live.

Peace & Love

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The Player’s Guide To Going Out Alone

The Players Guide To Going Out Alone
What’s up guys
This article is for the players out there who aren’t afraid to wear the title. It seems every guy wants to be a player but they fear the label. Thats a little backwards in my arrogant opinion. But anyway, I think it’s important that as players that we challenge ourselves and always take the next step into becoming better at what we do. If there is an area that we can improve, we improve it. Players aren’t settling for “good enough”, that’s for normal guys. As I began having this revelation I noticed an area in my own life I could improve; I rarely if ever went to a bar or night club alone. So it was time to make a change..
I’ve started  going out alone  mainly because I’ve taken sometime away from friends to continue on my journey of self. I’ve noticed that the initial idea of going to a nightclub alone caused me to feel “fear”, but fear is not something I choose to live with. So I have made it my mission to go out alone at least three times a weak to rid myself of that emotion.
There were a few times when I showered, dressed up, sprayed on cologne and then gave into “not feeling up to it”. It’s a silly thing the subconscious does to put obstacles in the way of us and are goals. Sometimes its random excuses, others is just lethargic energy intruding on our system. I choose to give into it on four occasions actually;  two of which were after I had already went out alone a few night proior. I’d lay in my bed in the darkness staring at the ceiling in apathy. What is it I’m actually afraid of I’d wonder? A answer logical enough never arrived so I promised myself that I wouldn’t let this happen again.
I woke up the next morning and neglected many of my responsibilities, because all I could focus on was destroying the mental blocks that were between me and goals. One by one I shot them down with ambitious self talk and visualization. This went on for a some hours and before I knew it it was 8:30 PM, so I anxiously began getting ready. I threw on my best suit and made to my way of one of the more exclusive clubs in the meat packing district of New York City.
When I arrived there was a long line behind a red velvet rope. I choose to go straight for the door, I had worked my mind up so I was feeling important. Once in front I was greeted by an over weight Asian woman with a list in her hand. She looked me up and down waiting for me to give her the name of whoever made me feel like I could just enter this place like this. I had googled the name of the DJ before I got there so I just threw his name around and attempted to walk right pass her. I was greeted by a bouncer who I thought was going to call my bluff, but he just patted me down and I was in.
I wanted to smile but I decided to keep that one on the inside; the night was just getting started and it’s not time to get my boxers in a bunch.
I looked up, looked down, looked left and looked right. The guy to girl ratio was about 2 to 1 so that was perfect. I always say ” If there’s only one girl in the whole club that’s enough for me”. I then made my way around the place just to check out the venue. In the back there was a smoke room with no ceiling, the music was low so I instantly knew this was the place for conversation.
After a cigarette that was offered to me and some small talk with the guys and gals outside I headed back into the dance floor/bar area. The moment I got in I spotted this blonde sitting at a VIP table with only two others; a guy and a girl who happned to be making out. The blonde was “fake texting” on her phone and looking around the room so I knew it was time for a hero to come save the day.
I walked on over and said ” Hey I came over to even the ratio a bit. ” then ” should we do what they’re doing( pointing at the two friends kissing) or head outside for a cig. ” she smiled, told me her name and I led her by the hand to “conversation room”
I grabbed two cigarettes from the guy passing out napkins in the bathroom and we took a seat outside.
“Yea.. I knew you liked black guys ” I said with a smirk, she laughed and said something to the extent of ” doesn’t everyone” ( don’t quote me on that though). She then went into some rant about how exotic she finds black guys. I stopped listening halfway through and just tried to kiss her after a min or so. She turned her head and motioned for me to kiss her on her cheek. I declined of course(players don’t settle for second best) and just went into a new topic of conversation. After another few minutes I caught her gazing at me for extended moments so I tried to kiss her again. She moved again and began to complain about how fast I was moving. She wanted to talk more first but I stopped showing interest so she returned to her group.
I talked to a few more girls and guys outside, grabbed a couple numbers then went back in to see who was on the dance floor. I knew I wouldn’t be dancing too much; the music wasn’t really my thing, so I just tried dancing for a min or so and grabbing the numbers of the girls I found attractive on the floor. I didn’t have much success with that but after two or three attempts I spoted this attractive girl standing around on the outskirts of the dance floor.
I tapped her on the shoulder ” hey, it’s rough out there” she replied ” I saw you getting crazy out there. How are the girls treating you?”
I followed up with ” not bad, but I planting my flag here with you for tonight”
She then began to tell me how she also came out alone and she’s recently out of a divorce so she’s out trying to meet new people. We had a lot in common and next thing you know, it’s 45 mins later and we’re still talking. She was dope, but I had to pee and she wanted to go grab a drink. I told her I’d find her when I got back from the bathroom, but I never did. I actually caught myself looking for her for longer than I should have, but I snapped out of it. It’s important that I learn to have things and let them go, no matter how great they are.
After a few more light approaches I decided to just call it a night and head on home. I made my way to the exit and on the way out I spotted the blonde from eariler making out with some guy at her group table. I just laughed to myself and built a little rapport with the bouncer before I went home. Just make them feel important and remember their names (important), it’ll help you out in the long run. I repeated the bouncers name to myself over and over until I got home.
In conclusion
Going out alone is one of the most self-revealing activities that you can perform. There is no leaning on your buddies for support and energy; you’re cast into the lions pit and have to make it out alive. Going out alone shows you how skilled you are with women. I recommend it to all who are serious about developing into true seducers.
If you have any stories; email them to me. I’m interested in reading them.
Eddie Fews

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Disrupting Her Reality

Have you ever wondered how you can get beautiful women to chase you? 

How you can get the attention of beautiful women women without doing much of anything? 

No matter what method you use, the key element to every method involves disrupting the reality of a woman. I have learned how to get a beautiful woman to come after me and chase me down. 

Now, there is more than one way to do this; you could throw your shot glass at her from across the bar and hit her square in the face… Don’t do that. 

Or my preferred method. 

You could simply change you way that you look at all the beautiful women you desire. 

When I do this, she now becomes the girl that I “wanted” (past tense). 

Do you ever wonder why it is always the unattractive girls that are seeking out your attention? Why can’t it be the supermodels and strippers that are drooling all over you? It certainly can be, but you must first take them off of that psychological pedestal you have placed them on. 

Many men have made a commitment to themselves to no longer drool over beautiful women and many have given up buying them drinks etc. But few have managed to discontinue idolizing these women in there minds. Some guys can handle not even staring at them anymore, but how many of you feel absolutely nothing on the inside when a 10 out of 10 hottie walks by you on the street? 

For you to understand this concept you must first understand that humans emit energy from their bodies every second of every day. Whatever it is you are thinking and feeling at the moment, that is the energy other people around you are feeling from you. 

Have you ever had one of those days when you are feeling on top of the world, like no one can touch you and everyone just seems to be responding to you positively? 

That is because your thoughts revolve around positivity and you are sending that positive energy into everyone around you. Wouldn’t you like to have that feeling a lot more often…? Don’t you want to Feel Like “The Man” More Often? 

There are a few things that help with this; the most important thing is what you are eating and drinking. What you put into your body is a direct reflection what’s on the inside; Mentality physically and spiritually. Hence the reason for the expression ” you are what you eat”. 

It’s simple logic that if you eat good you will feel good. I challenge you to begin checking the ingredients labels on the food you’re consuming and research exactly what some of that stuff does to your bodies, your mind, your spirit; you will be surprised. 

Another important thing is your breathing; when the brain is properly oxygenated it creates endorphin and endorphins are the same chemicals that make you feel good after a long work out. Pay attention to your breathing when you are feeling anxiety or fear; the breathing is likely to be shallow and rapid. On the other hand, when you are feeling good the breaths becomes deep and long. Train your self to take deep long breaths while in the face of any situation and your body will begin to repeat this habit on its own. 

How does this tie into beautiful women you ask? When you feel good, you have a higher sex drive, emit positive energy and people will just want to be around you. Simple as that.. 

Back To Disrupting Her Reality 

To disrupt her reality you have to give a woman a reaction energetically that is the complete opposite of everything you feel from other people everyday. 

You need to emit an energy that causes an alarm in her current reality; in order to bring peace back into her world she must do everything it takes to shut that alarm off( making you see her as a goddess like everyone else does). Everyone else becomes irrelevant and you become the only thing that matters. 

Just imagine if we managed to achieve world peace and in the hearts of every man they vowed to never kill or harm another; and then all of a sudden one guy started killing and hurting people. He could kill whoever he wanted and be untouchable because no one else would do harm. 

He would cause a disruption in the accepted reality and everyone else would have to abide by his rules in order to get him to stop. He becomes the most important person in the world because he is the only one rebelling. This man can then become king of the world as long as he vowed to never kill another. 

This is what you must do with the beautiful women that men so desperately want. Shake up their world; every other guy sees them as some super goddess and emits that energy into them. You must emit the opposite, when you do they will do anything at any cost to get you to stop. So they can resume their world of peace where everyone sees them as beautiful. 

You have to turn up the violence(metaphorically) and disrupt her world and she will do anything to bring back the world peace. Even if that means, making you king over her world. 

How do you do this you ask? 

Instead of turning you energy to the beautiful women when you see them you turn you energy to inward( I go deeper into this in my boot camp). She is no longer some super goddess, she is just a woman. No different from the over weight girl that passed by right before her. 

They both have two arms two legs, tits and a vagina. Disrupt her reality guys, all women are equal, the hot one is nothing special. Ask yourself when you see any women you want, “how can I disrupt her reality?”… And then she is yours. 

Game and seduction is 99% mental guys… Every memorable experience you have ever has is because the experience disrupted your reality. This is why this is so important.. You can do this guys! 

Eddie Fews 

I run a boot camp that goes into a lot more depth on this subject. You will learn how to effectively turn all of you attention inward and truly disrupt her reality. For more details on my “Disrupt her reality Boot Camp” email me at 
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Become King Of The Seduction Jungle

From the Discovery channel to many peoples favorite Disney film, we’ve all heard it before; lions are the “king of the jungle”.

Now I’m no zoologist but as we all know, lions eat, sh!t, and sleep all day long and barely have to lift a finger. Male lions have on average four to five Lioness(Female Lions) at their disposal that both bring them food, has sex with them, and looks after the children while the lion relaxes in front of the Sahara sun licking his fur. But the best part is, the Male lion gets to eat first; he gorges himself in meat and blood, leaving the scraps and remains for his five mistresses to contend for.

Ever wonder how they do it? Today’s Feminist Western women probably vomit in their mouths at the thought of a lifestyle like this but it is very well possible in today’s society. In fact, a perfect example of a of lions spirit reincarnated is the ” P.I.M.P.” ; a pimp sends women to sleep with men for money and keeps the larger percent of the cash. The prostitute takes all of the risk and does all of the work but still manages to make sure the Pimp “eats first.” Now in no way do I support what pimps do but there is always much to be learned from anyone achieving success at high levels, and if you are seeking to improve your seduction skills, there is much to be learned from the lion.


Think about it, lions are the most selfish creatures on earth, What does the lion do? He sits around while the Lioness’ go out and capture HIM food, and once they return he eats FIRST. Does that sound selfish to you? The lion doesn’t help raise the baby lions and he doesn’t let any other lions have sex with any of his women. And because of this, the Lioness continue to do anything that is going to make him happy. I know a lot of readers are probably thinking, ” That’s a really misogynistic thing to say” to which my only reply is, “Have fun your internet porn.” Oddly enough, women go nuts for selfish men; how many girls do you know who can’t seem to let go of some selfish asshole right now? Its a sad thing that society is this way but if this is what works, why must we reinvent the wheel? If the majority of attractive women already go for selfish men, you’re simply giving them what they want anyway. You’re not an asshole, you are actually doing them a favor by making it easy for them to want you.

In fact, women are most happy when they are making men happy. Think about the smile shines across a girls face and the joy that fills her eyes when you tell her how awesome the meal was that she just cooked. What about how deeply she embraces you when you compliment her on how great she was in bed. Have you ever seen her happier than that?

Set Boundaries

Women in relationships with men who know how to draw boundary lines are a lot happier than women with pussy men who let them walk all over them. The woman is unhappy because not only does she have to be a woman, she has to take on the role of the man when he’s too weak to make a decision. She also has to listen to him whining and complaining all day long; and that must be stressful to deal with. A woman with a strong man that can put her in her place is happy because all she has to do now is relax in the comfort of being a woman.

Have you ever heard this before?

” What on earth does she see in that guy!? What an asshole! She can do way better! If she was with me I’d treat her like a Goddess”

That mentality is the very reason why the attractive women you want don’t want to be with you. She wants a selfish man, she’s disgusted at the idea of someone wanting to treat her like a Goddess and groveling for her attention. The guys who she wants to be with simply demand her attention, and if she refuses he understands that there are a lot more women who won’t. Just think about what would happen if a Lioness refused to give the alpha lion attention. Would he put up with it? No, he would easily just walk over to the next Lioness who will give him what he wants.

No More Mr.Nice Guy/Stand Up For Yourself

If your brain works half as well as the rest of ours, it is pretty obvious that the women who are head over in heels in love with a guy are rarely if ever in relationships with an ” extremely nice guy”. So what do you have to do to get with women?

Drop the Mr.Nice guy act and begin to do what you want to do. No more compromising and accompanying her to see the latest movie in the twilight series because you “think” it is going to make her happy. If you are doing something that you don’t not want to do, she will be unhappy to know that her boyfriend is too much of a Sissy to stand up for himself.

Lets say you are out walking with your woman and some teenage kids come up behind you, aggressively bump you and your girlfriend, and laugh and keep walking. Now she may not want you to beat up a bunch of little kids but how disappointed in you do you think she would be if you didn’t say anything? What if it was a more harmful situation? How can she ever feel safe when she goes out with you? The lion would never let a stray lion coming into his territory and do the slightest bit of harm to him or anyone of his Lioness. He defends them and as a result they do anything to make him happy, but if he loses the fight he must give up everything he owns.

Being attractive to women involves you taking an alpha lion stance toward them and the rest of the world. If you remember to refuse to comprise, set boundaries and stand up for yourself you’ll enjoy the luxury of loving, serving women just as the lion does.

By Eddie Fews


I’m Dating & Seduction Coach Eddie Fews- I work with men on various things from improving their text messaging to approaching and meeting women on the sidewalks, stores and coffee shops all over the world. Although we have shortcomings, we should constantly be working on improving and building ourselves into better more efficient people.

If you need that extra push and motivation to get out there to meet and date more women and want to expand upon your seduction skills Email me: to check my availability ,rates, and you will be contacted by me or one of my representatives within 48 hours . I do in person one on one coaching along with consultation through Skype, Instant Messenger and phone calls.

The 48 Laws Of Player – Seduction Guide

1) Lead: Whether you are in an intimate relationship, a social circle, or among colleagues you have one main priority as a player and that is to LEAD. Indecision is lower than the ground we walk on as players. A Player knows what he wants and he gets exactly what he wants. ” Hey guys, lets all go grab some sushi ” followed by grabbing his jacket, making his way to the door, expecting others to follow is a normal action taken by a player. A player goes after what he wants because he expects all(even the universe) to be receptive to what he wants. The player is ALWAYS the leader.

2) Be Your Own Best Friend – A Players understands that for people to love him and desire to be around him he must first be his own best friend. Humanity is attracted to the people who appear the happiest despite what there situation may be. We’re are born alone and we will die alone so it is imperative that you learn to love being with yourself. Boring people are the only ones that are ever bored, they attract boring people and live generally boring lives. Players live fun fueled exciting lives and can be often happily spotted at bars, clubs, restaurants etc. completely alone. No one completes a player, a player is already complete.

3) Fill Your Heart With Optimism – Players are more often than the most optimistic people that you will ever come across. If a girl ignores a players phone call or text he thinks ” Oh, she must be busy or I’m sure the call didn’t get through, I’ll just try again later”. If a woman rejects a player he understands because after all she must have a valid reason for telling him no, but there is still a chance she will rethink her decision and change her mind, so he prys for acceptance just a bit more than the average joe. Players can do all things and it is because of that we keep optimism in our hearts. time but who wants to be filled with negative emotions like grief

4) Make Others Feel Loved – Players have a way of looking at life that means everyone around them feel loved whenever they’re hanging out. Players are giving – both physically and emotionally. They want everyone around them smiling and having a good time. It pains the player to see anyone in his group not enjoying themselves and he makes it his mission to fill his circle with this same joy that he has for life itself. As a player people will be happy when you’re around and when you’re not around that will be talking about you wishing you could be there.

5) Tell The Truth: We have all lied at one point of our lives and a tiny white lie here and there will do us or others no direct harm, but lying as a whole is for the normal. Players have made the decision to be honest always and to accept all the consequences that follow. Everyone may not like you for it, but they will have no choice but to respect you.

6) Take Cold Showers – You’ll look better, you’ll feel better, and you will be in a better state if you add colder showers into your arsenal. The Spartans did it, the samurai’s did it, hell even James Bond did it. Cold Showers will instantly separate you from the pack, there will be a different feel about you and you will be stronger mentally. For more on this go back an read ” Cold Shower Your Way To Beautiful Women ”

7) Share Women With Your Friends – No one likes the selfish guy who tries to keep everything for himself. If you won a billion dollars would you keep it all to yourself or would you share it with your friends and love ones? An abundance mentality is what creates abundance, if you act as if you have many girls at your disposal, eventually you will. And the best way to do this is to take action to represent it.You can’t bang them all; introduce and hook up friends with some of the girls you’re after.

8) Dress to Impress – We all know the feeling when we put on a nice suit and look at the demi god in the mirror. Dressing good is an instant way to feel good and when you feel good, people feel good being around you. Take pride in what you wear, iron your shirts, and properly tie the bow on your shoes.

9) Eat Healthy – I have two words for you… ” One Ingredient “. If you look at the labels of all of the processed foods we eat today many of them are filled with ingredients that we can barely even pronounce. Nine times out of ten these things are unhealthy additives that we all should steer away from. Unhealthy food has been scientifically proven to cause anxiety, aggravation and confusion. If you’re not eating properly, your brain isn’t functioning properly.

10) Stay In Shape – I remember listening to an interview a while back with a guy speaking on health that changed my life. He said something like ” We you’re heart is healthy, every breath you take is like a shot of F1 fuel into your Ferrari going directly into the brain. When you’re unhealthy every breath is like pouring vegetable oil into your broke down beat up car. Now don’t you want to drive a Ferrari? ” Its safe to say that when we’re healthy we just function better as people over all. You don’t need to be in shape to get women, trust me. But you will feel better as a whole and thats all anyone could ask for.

11) Develop A Circle of Female Friends – Once you get off your ass and start to meet more women you are going to understand that its not smart to try and fuck every attractive girl that comes your way. Its important to have your own social circles and women do bring a lot of credibility into the circle. Not to mention, Hot girls have hot friends and when you build a strong enough rapport with them they won’t mind hooking you up with a few of there friends.

12) Online Dating is for the normal Men – Online dating is awesome, we’ve had our fun with it. Its amazing to be able to access thousands of women at the click of a button. But we realized that we are being selfish because we are stealing women away from the men who don’t yet have to confidence to meet women any other way. Save online dating for the men who can not and will not become players.

13) To Fuck Her You Must Touch her – Those PUA guys call this ” Kino “. Well yea, they aren’t completely clueless. Breaking the touch barrier allows a woman to know that you are confident, badass, and you don’t play by the rules. Try your best to always go for the handshake, hug, or kiss if you’re brave upon first approaching a woman.

14) Keep Two Condoms At All Times – If you read the material on this site, you’re going to need them. Always be prepared and keep a spare or two incase one breaks. And besides, its better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

15) Initiate Contact Twice for ever Three Times She Does – We know you probably want to play by your own rules but its important that the woman is always giving slightly more into the relationship than you are. It sets the tone that she is the one chasing you, because afterall she should be. You’re the baddass playboy that no woman can’t quite get to settle down. Once strong rapport and flow of conversation has been established make let her initiate contact three times because you follow up by initiating twice. This will keep her chasing you forever.

16) No matter How You feel, get up, get dressed and go out. – You’re not always going to feel your best. Sometimes you may even be a little depressed but despite how you feel, always get up, get dressed and hit the scene. Staying in the house doing nothing but watching television while shoving ice cream down your throat is not going to do anything positive for you. Man up, be a player and get on out there house. There are guys out there depending on you.

17) She Cares more about your thoughts of her than she does her thoughts of you – Stop worrying about what anyone thinks about you because we can guarantee you that people are more concerned with their own-selves than they are with you. Women you approach are wondering if you think they’re attractive, if there is food in there teeth, or if there makeup is smudging. The second thing on their minds maybe what they think about you and your approach but it is definitely not the first. Use this to your advantage, she’d rather she make a strong impression on you than you make one on her.

18) Hold eye contact until she breaks it first – There is one thing players know for certain about women in relationships. They want to know that the man in there lives is strong enough to deal with more tension than they can. You know that feeling you get when you are making eye contact with women and it becomes a game of who is going to look away first ? ALWAYS.. I REPEAT ALWAYS win this battle. Show her who the man is, show her you can deal with more tension than she can. This goes for a the handshake aswell. When you shake a womans hand let her be the first to pull away. Players are unmoved by the tension, we are strong and steady.

19) Grow To love rejection – When you learn to enjoy different variation of reject the same way you enjoy acceptance you will be unstoppable. Players laugh when a girl rejects us because she has no idea what she is missing out on. Its humorous really, imagine if you had a ten million dollar check hidden in a envelope and you walked around seeking to give it to someone worthy. Wouldn’t you snicker to yourself at all the people who rejected the envelope without taking the time to see whats it? If they only knew.. If she only knew.

20) Trust In Your Player Instincts – Pay close attention to your hunches and follow them like they’re a treasure map leading you to a fortune. As long as you aren’t purposely effecting anyone else in a negative way do whatever the **** you want! Your hunches are your subconscious speaking to you, leading you to fulfill your purpose. And before you fulfill your purpose, you must first be free. You’re hunches will lead you to freedom.

21) Walk Away, Even When She’s Hot – The willingness to walk away from anyone woman is what will cause you to radiate a presence that will make you desirable to all women. Practice walking away from the hot women who don’t quite live up to the High standards you set for yourself. Practice saying ” No ” to offers of attractive women who want to have sex with you. Its tough a first but a little pain now will pay off later.

22) Keep A Clean Home – They say cleanliness is next to godliness and it is always a reflection of your state of mind. People who’s homes are never clean tend to be filled with some much clutter mentally. The outside is always a reflection of your inside. Not to mention, as a player your are going to be having a lot of women over and no one wants to walk into a dirty home. And after you bring enough women into your home, you won’t have to do much cleaning on your own.

23) Define Your Purpose and The Women Will Follow – Figure out what your purpose is in life and follow it at all cost. Women are attracted to a man with drive and ambition. Follow your purpose and women will follow you everywhere you go. You can lose yourself chasing after women but your you’ll never lose women chasing after yourself

24) Never Kiss and Tell- Don’t dare speak Of who you sleep with to anyone – No one needs to know. Who you sleep with is your business and women are more attracted to a man that knows how to keep a secret. Its subconscious but they can always feel the difference between a man that yaps his gums about every new girl he bangs and one who doesn’t. When a woman knows you’re lips are sealed she will open up to you sexually in ways she hasn’t with no man before. Besides, if you’re talking about it. it probably doesn’t happen often.

25) Stop Keeping Score -Stop keeping score of amount of women you’ve slept with. Who are you trying to impress by keeping a tally of the number of women you have sex with? Does it make you feel validated? Do you feel like more of a man? Players aren’t validated through sex, players validate women through our own sex. The sooner you forget, the higher the forgotten number will be.

26) Keep your emotions in check – As a player it is your job to remain as stable and strong as a ox. A woman wants a man that won’t be reactive to her ever changing moods and emotions. She wants a man who is solid, someone she can lean on and rely on when things get tough. If your woman ran into your arms crying about something thats going on in her life how foolish would you look if you broke down crying right with her? Thats what her girlfriends are for, she doesn’t count on her man to mirror her femininity.

27)Be Reckless with Your Sexuality – Telling a woman she looks ” Sexy ” is 10x better than tell her she looks ” Cute “. Little puppies are cute, babies are cute, she didn’t put on that tight dress and heels to be called cute. Be sexual and be confident about your sexuality. After all, its her fault she looks so damn attractive, we didn’t ask her to come to the same venue we are in looking so hot did we? 😉

28)Use The Smile – A smiling man is the sign of a happy man, peoples guards instantly come down, and it inspires them to smile as well. Smiling – even if its a forced smile released endorphins into the blood stream which make us feel better. A smiling man also looks confident and attractive in the moment. A smile is the greatest accessory a player can wear.

29) She Can Never Be Number 1 – No woman will respect a man that put her completely first in his life. Every man should have a life mission of his own that comes before his woman. We all have a duty that we must attend to whether our woman is around or not. Nelson Mandela is an example of a man who stayed in prison, allowing his kids to be and wife raised without a father/Husband to watch the world be raised by a hero. Figure out whats number one if your life and put nothing above it and you will always have a womans respect.

30) Call Before You Text – Far too often men complain that they just don’t know what to say when texting a girl. That is usually a result of not building a firm enough connect the first time you guys spoke. If you guys want to win at this whole dating and seduction thing you are going to have to learn how to pick up the phone and physically talk to women on the phone. One solid 30-45 min phone call will have a woman after you for weeks. Players aren’t pussies, we don’t have to hide a emotional word message, we pick up the phone and call our girls.

31) Be Upfront About You Intentions – I know players get a bad rep for breaking hearts and hurting women’s feelings but thats not what we’re hear to do. If a woman likes you enough, she will still sleep with you when you tell her ” That you’re not looking for a relationship, just something casual”. Lying only puts someone else’s emotions in danger and adds guilt to your own conscious. So be up front with the women you meet before things get serious.

32) Entertain – Players are awesome story tellings, they’re the guy in the group telling jokes and making everyone laugh. It would honestly be tough for anyone pursuing there dreams, seducing women, and making friend to be anything but entertaining. This one is a giving, but as a player you are the voice and entertainer of the social circle you’re in.

33) Moderate Your Alcohol Intake – We know you wanna have fun and get drunk when you go out but we have to be mindful of the choices me make. We’ll all made terrible decisions with the Mrs.wrong after ingesting too much alcohol and as a Player you can’t afford too many slip ups. Drink if you wanna loosen up a bit, but don’t drink to get shit faced wasted. Players are leaders, no one should have to carry you home because you lack self control.

34) Go Hard Or Go Home – What separates players from the rest of the guys out there is players actually go in for the kill. Players understand that the higher our goals the easier everything lower our goals become accessible. If you have sex with a girl, kissing her won’t be an issue. Unlocking the higher of things automatically unlocks whats lower. When we’re out, are aim upon approach is to take the girl we’re after home, we only settle for the number if logistics don’t allow the extraction to take place.

35) Befriend The Bouncers/Doormans/Bartenders – Bouncers are usually perceived as assholes, but they can be your bestfriends if you show them a little extra attention. Every night guys are walking on past them without giving them a second glance. Show them a little love and all the perks of knowing the bouncer will be at your disposal.

36) You’re a Player, Embrace it. – Once it becomes obvious that you are good with women, people are going to call you out on it. ” You’re a player aren’t you? “. Don’t wuss out and pretend you aren’t – hold eye contact with them and say ” So “. Being called a player is a compliment if you think about it. Technically all they’re is saying is ‘ Wow, you’re really good with women.”

37) Never Show Shame – Whether its premature ejaculation or getting blatantly rejected in front of everyone; a player never shows nor feels any shame. A player has fully accepted himself and his imperfections so there is never a need to feel shame about any action he’s taken. The player simple smiles, and figures out a way to improve.
38) Every Stranger Is A Friend – A player perceives everyone he sees as a potential friend until they show him otherwise. He knows everyone isn’t going to like him, but his respect and love for all people forces him to be kind anyone that crosses his path.

39) Ignore The Short Cuts – Anyone that has ever done anything for themselves understands that the satisfaction felt from taking a short cut is temporary. Hard work pays off and the player knows this; he makes it his priority to do things the right way and he encourages others to do the same.
40) Count Your Blessings – Although a player may be one of the more ambitious types of people on the planet, he never forgets what he has while in pursuit of he wants. A Player is always grateful for what comes into his life; he understands that everyone won’t survive this today so he cherishes every moment that he has. When we are thankful for what we already have, life finds a way of giving us more.

41) Arguments Are For Politicians – How many times can you honestly say you’ve won an argument? What do you gain for proving another man wrong and winning an argument? An Inflation of your ego is all and pride certainly comes before the fall. A Player sees no reason to enter endless rants on how much he disagrees with another. The player is too busy, smiling, making people feel good and having a fun time. When we take the time to argue with others what we are projecting to them is that we’re on the same level as they are, but a player is on a level of his own.

42) Make Peace With Your Past – Most peoples 30’s are spent making up for all the wrong things they did in their 20’s. Life has a way of coming back to meet us full circle so its important that we leave no stone unturned. A player takes out the time to make peace with the people and choices he’s made in his past so it doesn’t screw up his present. He understand he must make room for his future because the best is yet to come.

43) Today is Special – There is no time as special as this time you are in right now – make the most of it. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, drink from the fancy wine glasses etc. A player lives a life of abundance, he doesn’t have to save materialistic items for some “perfect day” because to him no moment is as perfect as the moment he is in right now.

44) Believe In Miracles – The people that believe in miracles not only have a brighter, more fulfilling few on life, but they tend to get “lucky” more so than others. Why be concerned with whether or not miracles actually exists? Believing in miracles give humanity hope. A Player believes in miracles because to him the life he lives would be a miracle to someone less fortunate. What he’s learned over this course of his life is ‘everything can change in the blink of an eye’.

45) Build Your Character While Your Alone – The decisions we make when no one we know is their to encourage and support us are the choices that contribute the most to who we become as people. Its easy to go out and make that approach when you have a group of friends to turn to for comfort after your done. A Player lives to push his comfort zones and boundaries far beyond what anyone else expects from him, and he does so even more when there is no one watching.

46) Raise Your Standards and Expectations – The more you expect out of life the more you will get out of life; refuse to accept anything that is less than what you know you are deserving of. Life challenges all players so its important that we remain strong and remember to say NO to anything that isn’t quite up to our standards.

47) Go Outside Everyday – In this age of technology fewer and fewer people are spending as much time outside as they use to. We never know who we will meet at the park, mall, or local grocery story. Make a point everyday to put the electronics down, get some fresh air, and meet a few new people while you’re at it. Its as good for the body and mind as it is for the soul.

48) Break The Rules – These laws are here to give you a fundamental foundation to live by as a player. However, there always comes a time when a man most break a law in pursuit of his purpose. This player is your lifestyle it isn’t your purpose and these rules are all meant to be broken if it means meant your destiny.

Eddie Fews

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