Dear Femininity, Men Want You Back

My last article was on the subject of men and women holding each other to higher standards, so we can each begin to improve the quality of ourselves, each other, and the quality of mates we’re attracting into our lives.

I had received a great deal of emails from women thanking me for giving them hope, saying things like “Thank you, I now know that it’s okay not to settle for less than what I deserve”. And while I agree with them, I can’t help but notice a common theme amongst the women of the 21st century.

You ready for it?

I find that many women lack the feminine version of the qualities that they desire in a man; and also, their desire to be liked for the same reasons that they like a man. The high-majority of women who I speak with day to day, are completely out of touch with what it is that attract men, and what it is that men desire. And so they are continually frustrated, because we as men are not attracted to them for the same reasons that they are attracted to us.

For example:

I meet a lot of these successful independent women who say things like “I have my Master’s degree, I make over $100,000 dollars a year, I can fend for myself, why can’t I find a decent man?” And what these women don’t realize is that men are not biologically programmed to look at a woman for what she can provide. So the amount of money a woman makes a year means absolutely nothing to the biological reasons that men find women attractive. I would even go so far as to say that any man who is looking to a woman for what she can provide isn’t a man. That’s not how “men” are wired. Women are biologically programmed to look at a man for what he can provide, the same way they look toward a man biologically as a figure of protection. Real men (in my dame dash voice) do not operate this way. A man should not look for his woman to protect him. Imagine a man saying to a group of his friends “Yo… I love my girl man. Last night she killed a big ass spider for me. I was scared as shit. I screamed and she just jumped up and killed it. She’s dope“.

Ladies… what would you do if there was an intruder in the home and your man hid underneath the bed and asked you if you could go out and deal with it? You would probably lose every nanobyte of respect and attraction for that man. Why does that happen? Because biologically you are wired to look to a man as a figure of strength who could protect you if he could.

Ever go on a date with a man who just doesn’t make you feel “safe”? Were you attracted to that man? Of course not.

So why is it that women get into this habit of expecting us to like them for the same reasons that they like us?

I’ll have a woman say something like “Eddie… I love you” and I will genuinely say “thank you” in appreciation that she has expressed herself to me in such a way, and do you know what she’ll say?  “Why didn’t you say that you loved me too?” I’ll say “Why do you love me?” She’ll usually say something like “because you’re so funny, wise, and insightful”. I’ll respond genuinely “So why should I love you ‘too’ because I’m funny, wise and insightful? You saying that you love me right now is predicated upon how you feel in this moment. Why do you expect me to love you in this moment the same way you love me, when you’re not doing the same things I am doing in this moment to be loved?”

The problem is, many women I speak with have completely lost touch with what it is that men want and find attractive. With all of the studying they do on men, they still somehow can’t wrap their head around this concept.

So I wrote this piece as a call to women to begin checking whether or not they are the feminine version of that which a man is looking for.

If I make a $100,000 a year and you make $100,000 a year, and one of the reasons you “like me” is because I do decent financially, and I would be able to provide for you if I had too, that doesn’t mean that I am suppose to like you equally for making the hundred thousand dollars.

I say this because, I am not programmed biologically to like you for your ability to provide. We are not equal in terms of attraction in that regard. My $100,000 means something to you biologically – something to the core of your nature. But, your $100,000 means absolutely nothing to me biologically – nothing to the core of my nature. Financial security has nothing to do with the core reasons that I feel attraction for a woman.

A man will approach the girl coming out of McDonalds, with the same type of intensity and desire as the woman walking down Wall Street. If she possesses and has developed/cultivated the qualities that attract him biologically, the money that she makes doesn’t mean a thing.

I want to repeat this again… Any man who feels attraction for you because of how well you do financially is NOT a man. And you will find yourself not attracted to him, and at constant war with him after the honeymoon phase.  The man that you want, if you are in tune with your femininity, is the man that will hold you to the standards of what attracts him biologically.

So I agree that a woman should hold the men to the standard of being able to provide if necessary, and a man should hold women to the standard of being that which he finds attractive – which I’ll get into in a second.

This is not some outdated way of thinking… this is our nature. This is what has allowed us to function for thousands of years in harmony. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the world is currently being destroyed at alarming rates, and the natural fabric of how a man and woman function naturally together is also being destroyed. I believe these extremely high divorce rates, lack of couples getting married, and just unhappy relationships in general, are all a product of this confusion. And each gender is pointing the finger at the other without us realizing what the problem actually is. We are being socially conditioned away from out nature and it is destroying the reasons that we come together.

I now ask the reader… “How many people do you know that you can legit say are in a healthy and happy relationship?”

It’s gotten so bad that break up and divorces have become the norm. We almost expect it now. How often do you expect your guy and girl friends’ boyfriend/girlfriends to stay together? I find many people counting the seconds until it’s over. I know that when I was in high school and the girl I crushed on got into a relationship, I knew it was only a matter of time before I got my shot.

So what is it that men want? Now just as being able to “provide” and being able to “protect” is just two of the many aspects that women are naturally programmed to look for in a man, I will provide two of the many aspects that men are programmed to look for in a woman. For more aspects feel free to send me an email and I can speak with you on this.

1. The Visual – Most women have a difficult time wrapping their heads around this because they believe that they are visual too. And they’re not. At least not in the way that men are visual. For an example of the difference you can watch the videos below:

The Men:

The Women:

The videos show the difference in the male versus the female reaction to being catfished. In the first video men speak with a woman on tinder who’s, fit and slender, but when she appears on the date she is about 100 pounds heavier than she was in the photo. The same thing happens in the second video; but this time its women meeting up with a guy they thought was in shape, but turns out to be 100 pounds heavier than his photo.

In this video, the women are all a lot more open to giving the overweight “deceiver” a chance than the men are to giving the overweight deceiving woman a chance. The men in the video are practically incapable of functioning. They just can’t handle or look beyond the visual. They ask no further questions, they’re completely uncomfortable and can see nothing else. The women on the other hand are open to see who this guy is, why he may have lied, and if he is someone they can at least be friends with. Someone they can possibly encourage or help. The men… well they took off running.

Now why do you think this is? If you read the comments on the video you will see that a lot of women were offended that the men didn’t respond in the fashion in which they would have responded. Which completely breaks down the reason why I am writing this piece. Men are not attracted to and/or open to women for the same reasons that women are attracted to and/or open to men. 

Let’s take Cleopatra for example: it is said that the key to Cleopatra’s consistent ability to seduce some of the most powerful men in the world in that time, is because of her understanding of the male visual. She would completely seduce and dazzle the men of that time with the visual; Robert Greens “The Art of Seduction” even quotes:

“Only one image of Cleopatra survives – A barley visible profile on a coin, but we have numerous written descriptions. She had a long thin face and a somewhat pointed nose; her dominate features were her wonderfully large eyes. Her seductive power however, did not lie in her looks – indeed many among the women of Alexandria were considerately more beautiful than she. What she did have above all women was the ability to distract a man. In reality, Cleopatra was physically unexceptional and had no political power, yet both Caesar and Mark Anthony, brave and clever men saw none of this. What they saw was a woman who constantly transformed herself before their eyes, a one-woman spectacle. Her dress and make up changed from day to day, but always gave her a heightened goddess like appearance […] by the time your head lay on the pillow beside her, your mind was spinning with images and dreams […] you never possessed Cleopatra, you worshiped her […] From Cleopatra we learn that it is not beauty that makes a seductress/siren, but rather a theatrical streak that allows a woman to embody a man’s fantasies […] A man is easily deceived by appearances ; he has weakness for the visual. Create the physical presence of a siren (heightened sexual allure mixed with a regal and theatrical manner) and he is trapped. He cannot grow bored with you yet he cannot discard you. Keep up the distractions and never let him see who you really are. He will follow you until he drowns. “

Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar are both men that could have had access to the most attractive women of all kinds and creeds across the entire planet. But it was Cleopatra, “A woman that had been exiled from Egypt” with the understanding of the male visual that gave her access to the most powerful men the world had to offer. These men even neglected their responsibility and duties within their own country to remain with her in Egypt. Mark Anthony had even known all about how she had seduced Caesar and brought down his kingdom and he still found himself unable to resist her. Think about that… (I’d encourage any woman further interested in this topic to look up the book “The Art of Seduction” and the chapter titled “The Siren” which is the first chapter of the book)

2. The Desire to Feel Powerful – I spoke about this in my Go Pro radio interview  a bit more extensively, but to paraphrase… All men have this innate desire to feel as if they are kings of the earth. To Feel Powerful. The more testosterone the male has, the stronger his desire for this. It is what drives a man to want the most attractive woman to parade around and show off, and it is what drives him to want to make the most money. It is a symbol to other men that he is the most dominant and powerful one of them all. All masculine mammals in nature have this battle. There is always one male that has to rise to be the Alpha male of the group. It is even said that in some species of male animals just 5% of the males produce 95% of the children of that species. Imagine if humans were like that? Well… I can’t say that we’re that much different. I’ve heard that 20% of the men sleep with 80% of the women. There is a masculine desire within each of us to want to dominate and conquer as much as we can. Testosterone even works as an agent to nullify oxytocin which will prevent a man from developing a chemical/emotional bond with the women he has sex with. This is why men can be so detached after sex – especially around a woman whose only way to make a man feel powerful was through the opening of her legs. Once he’s conquered what far too many women hold onto as if it’s some golden ticket that no one else has but them, he will be off to the next conquest. Unless however, a woman comes to terms with the principles that will keep the guy around.

I’ve found that far too many women remain quiet. A man wants to know when he is and how he is affecting you. He needs you to express yourself without the fear that he may or may not be feeling the same.

A woman will text a guy something like “Do you miss me? “ – Which really means she misses him, but she’s not comfortable saying so unless she is sure he feels the same. This is anti-seductive; had she had the self-esteem and confidence to be transparent and just say something like “I miss you. You make me feel so tingly on the inside, I don’t know what to do” she would be sub-communicating to the man that he is powerful. He has the ability to make her miss him and feel tingly.

One of the main reasons why a man likes to have sex is not because of the fifteen second orgasm that he gets when it’s over. It is the moaning, the groaning, and the scratching from his woman that he desires, because that is a sign to him that he is powerful. Having the ability to make a woman moan, groan, and scratch. This is why you can search the internet and find men obsessed over how to please their woman. It is not just to make a woman orgasm, but so that the man himself can feel powerful – knowing he has the ability to give pleasure.

So on the equal level of the visual I find this to be almost of a greater importance. The wives of some of today’s most powerful men on earth are not that physically attractive, but I’m almost certain that they have the ability to make their man feel powerful; and it is probably this ability that inspired the man to have the confidence to take his current position.

Be open, be transparent, and outwardly express how great his ability to affect you is, and the man will crave the words that leave your mouth to no end.

So to wrap this up… I just want the female readers to make sure that they are not trying to be the exact representation of that which they look for in a man. Rather they be the feminine representation of the qualities that men seek from them. If you want a man that makes 25 million dollars a year, just make sure you have a 25 million dollar ability to stimulate him through your visual (not just physical feature) and a 25 million dollar ability to give him dramatic and transparent presentations of what you feel his power to be. Just because a woman is making 25 million, doesn’t mean that she qualifies to get a man that makes 25 million. Because once again, he is not looking at your ability to provide to determine how attracted to you he is. If you want to make lots of money that’s great, but understand that your high level of education and the amount of money you make a year, means little to nothing to a real man’s (one that will make you happy) desire to want you for anything more than just sex.

The society of today has put too much emphasis on masculinity. It’s the only thing highlighted; so much so that many of the women today are being imitations of masculinity. No one talks about the innate power of a woman. It’s almost as if to be a woman is something you should be ashamed of. If we’re going to go forward as a society, I think it’s important that we begin to highlight both the power of a woman and exactly what that power is so that little girls can desire to be that which is closest to their nature.

It is through a great woman’s visual, energetic and transparent verbal stimulation that a man is inspired to rise to the height of his potential. Which is why the statement “Behind every great man, is a great woman” is something I whole heartily agree with. We need each other, and we need you to join us, and not compete with us so that we can live in harmony. How many of our great leaders were without a woman? Women are the divine energy. They are the inspiration for all creation on this planet. Men just take the energy that they give us and put it into practice. But it is the woman who gives birth to the energy to begin with. She conceives it, she gives it life, – the man raises it, and creates the physical manifestation of it. We are to come together as a team, each with our own role to become ONE complete body together. We aren’t meant to compete with one another the way we are today.

Men do not have the ability to conceive and inspire through the creation of energy. We create with the energy, we are not the creators of the energy.  So if women start doing what they have the power to do and discontinue being imitations of masculinity, our society and generation can rise to its greatest heights once again. And it is the responsibility of us as men to be strong enough to bring this to their attention. Far too many men are willing to just roll over and get fucked by the direction of society. What happened to our warriors? What happened to our voices? What happened to our leaders? I will be addressing us as men more advertently in my next piece.

Thanks for reading.

Eddie Fews

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21 thoughts on “Dear Femininity, Men Want You Back

  1. Hey good afternoon. I have to say, I find your writing style to be very intriguing. You made quite a few salient points and I liked how you used the Cleopatra example to heighten your argument (and it did!). When you talk about men not being concerned with the financial status of woman, I thought of that BET tv show (that I absolutely adore) Being MaryJane. Because the protagonist has a very successful career and is pretty well off, but she struggles with formulating meaningful relationships with men. So yeah, great insight! And I agree.

  2. Great read yo. Really enjoyed it from the beginning to end. The videos were such a nice added touch too support your points. Side note: Do you get emails from feminist? I know some feminist who would be upset at this article lol. Either way nice work.

  3. That was great. Thank you. It’s interesting to see your thoughts on the deterioration of the male…which I believe is what leads to the overdevelopment of the male aspects in “independent” females.

  4. I loved this. Very interesting read and I appreciate you for it. The consciousness is real . I never even looked at it like that before. I see things in a whole other light. The masculine mentality…I see it within myself, my friends, my family. Thank you for this.

  5. Great piece. But I would like a little bit of clarification. Does a women lose femininity in your eyes if she feels that her being financially stable can be used as an attraction to a man? Men can want that from a woman but not necessarily for them to benefit from it but to know she can handle herself. Another question is what happens to those relationships where the male makes significantly less than a women? Most men find that to be an issue, I’ve even been a situation like that where the male felt powerless because he didn’t make as much. Women’s financial status can affect a relationship in other ways we can’t control don’t you think?

    1. Hey Kia,

      The main point of the article was to show that to a mans most natural core his level of attraction to a woman isn’t dependent upon the amount of money she makes. It has absolutely nothing to do with it. Now of course a man can make a conscious decision to partner with a woman with a high income for various reasons, but it has nothing to do with his core attraction and desire for her. The girl at Mc Donald’s or the girl without any income can get a man of the highest quality if she knows how. It happens all the time. So make money if you want. Just understand that to the core of a mans nature your money doesn’t mean a thing. And on the flipside, his does. Your nature causes you to seek a man that could provide, even if he doesn’t have the money yet. You need to at least recognize the potential within him to provide.

      Thank you for reading.

  6. I’m in SHOCK! What an amazing article!!! I literally loved it & feel I can benefit from it. I think EVERY woman should read that. The videos were also Eye opening. Thank you for sharing. Literally! Peace King.

  7. Boooooooyyyyyyyyyy!

    I truly believe you wrote that article for me because u hit everything on the nose!! Very intriguing article… I always felt like men are attractive to a woman’s financial stability and what she can provide.. And for this reason every time I meet a man I always talk finances and what I can bring to the table, thinking that it will make him attracted to me.

    Also I’m very Contradicting because I’m very firm on the big two P’s when it comes to a man and that is too Protect and Provide… And how can a man give that to me when I already talked finances and what I can do for myself!! And I notice it doesn’t help me at all because then a man gets comfortable when he feels he is not needed… Then after a while I get frustrated because he is not protecting and providing for me then I end up leaving… So what I’ve learned from that article is too let a man be attractive too me for me and not what I can bring too the table.

    Thank You

  8. Great piece! Very detailed, strong references, good examples. My girlfriends and I talk about similar subjects all the time. Your points are valid, from the conversations I have within my inner circles which primarily consists of professional single women I do believe switching gears or reversing the societal trend will prove to be difficult. There is a lack of communication and understanding between Men and Women which has led to frustration… Great piece.. I enjoyed it!

  9. I hope our relationship teacher will finally settle down someday too.. Knowledge sometimes hurts, you know.. Very beautiful write up. 🙂

  10. Hi Eddie,
    Kudos for your words and thinking, few writers are prepared to talk about this; one of the ancient frameworks of the dance we men & women do. Feminist backlash and all that.

    I believe that there are many of these frameworks at play in all of our interactions, this – visual / provide, protect – being one of them. I say ancient because it’s part of the basic ‘reading’ or intuitions our stone age cousins employed to gauge suitability in a mate. They were basic times and much has changed, but those impulses are still hard wired into our ‘old’ brains.

    Respect and honesty / transparency are also a requirement of social cohesion, very particularly in small groups and even more so in couples. I found the two fat videos interesting and, in my opinion, misleading. I believe they were conceived and made to illustrate a pre-determined view of the makers: men are shallow, women open and accepting. I fully understand that’s not your view!

    I analyse the videos from a different perspective – part of the visual reading of a woman by a man is both ancient and brand new – the ancient is: is she a good candidate to duplicate my genes. The brand new is how this has changed in our complex modern world – the modern view of beauty, physical attractiveness, wellness is shaped by a stupid number of influences from shallow to profound. By the way, women read men through this lens too.

    At least as important, and for me personally, vastly more important is respect and transparency / honesty – not a rigid adherence but as a baseline starting point, a relative standard to hold and be held to. When the guys meet the ‘now fat’ woman, they are confronted with the instant visual impulse that this woman is not a healthy candidate to duplicate their genes – the old, faint impulse. Then comes the modern interpretation – she doesn’t fit his view of a physically attractive woman. Hot on the heels of that comes storming the realization, in his ‘new’ brain, that she has been dishonest, that she has unapologetically deceived him – in effect that she has total lack of respect for him.

    In the Western world, over the last 60 years or so, the chipping away of men’s ‘value’ has resulted in a lot of men having higher requirements for honesty and respect – I believe that these men walking away from the fat woman can easily be seen as them having high integrity. They’ve been blatantly lied to and dis-respected, their actions are entirely reasonable: move away from ‘bad’ people. I would do the same. I would do the same if a guy was that dishonest to me – they can’t be trusted and life is to short to be friends with people who can’t be trusted.

    Equally, the women not walking away from the ‘fat’ guy, can be viewed as them having a high tolerance and comfort with blatant, unapologetic dishonesty. I believe that video was also skewed because the guy was much more engaging than the ‘fat’ woman – he touched early, was funny and spontaneous – all things designed to raise his status and open them up.

    I’m not down on women, I love and value women to the core of my being. I value personal integrity and respect as highly and like you Eddie, would love to see men & women at ease with their own, and each others, masculinity and femininity.

    Love & respect

  11. This was a wonderful read, thank you. As a young woman I’m so passionate about what you’ve highlighted in this article. I get so annoyed with today’s “feminine equality” movement. I always argue how is women acting, dressing and being tough and manly equality? It’s the complete opposite – it’s like saying “women have to be and act like men to be equal”. Well, no! I’ve always felt women have their own unique power in femininity, and that goes across all areas in life (including work). Just like men have their own unique masculine attributes. Only by embracing each, can we actually work together and compliment one another in the work place, dating scene, parenting, socialising etc. Do you know what kind of response I often get from fellow women when I argue this point? “That’s alright for you to say, you’re beautiful and attractive so you get what you want”… There’s no getting through to them. I hate that response. Anyway, thank you again for this article. At least I now know I’m not alone in these thoughts! X

  12. I completely agree and it’s refreshing to see that a man thinks and feels this way as well. In a piece I wrote a few months ago, I was referring to women standing firm in their femininity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and for some odd reason, people think otherwise. We embody vibrant energy, light and love… It should be embraced. In addition those very “lady like” characteristics and qualities is what attracts the men. A man doesn’t want to date another man. We are not in competition. I really liked this! Great work… Very inspiring (writing purposes)

  13. nice article.. actually I was having the same thought.. but I thought that I was the only one with this thought.. I was so wrong.. and you are correct.. nice

  14. Sorry dude. You have the right concept but putting a fat women in place of a skinny woman does not prove “men” want skinny woman. It only proves the men who were attracted to the skinny woman are not attracted to the fat woman. Watch sexy anime’s, the women have large breasts and curvy backsides. They are not women that look like young boys. Those spoiled jerks that walked away from the fat woman are not looking for a lasting relationship, their looking for a mirror to jump into bed with.

    1. Did you read the article? Or did you scroll, see videos, watch them, and decide that my article was about fat women vs skinny women because of it? No where in my article did I say men prefer skinny women over fat women. The point made was men made their sole decision on whether they would bother having a conversation with the women completely based on visuals and nothing more. I.E. You watching anime cartoons because you think cartoons are sexy. Whereas the women were willing to stay and at least get to know the guy a bite DESPITE what he looked like and despite that fact that he pretended to be something he wasn’t. They pitied him and we were willing to be friendly because of it. The men could careless about the human being, its all about the visuals and nothing more. A crying unattractive girl gets little attention, a crying attractive women get lots of it. So sorry dude, you had the right idea, but completely missed the point of the material.

  15. Hi Eddie! I LOVED this article! I was doing a Google search on how to be more feminine and your article popped up. Your article is spot on! I

    I was dating a man several months ago that I thought I would end up marrying so I moved in with him, then I dumped him 8 months later because I was 100% turned off by him! He expected me to pay for dates, split bills with him, then we were planning a vacation and he wanted me to split that too. Mind you this man made a lot more money than me and had several hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings. I was just starting a new career and hardly had any money, but he didn’t care.

    I was so bothered and uncomfortable by that! It ended up killing our relationship, I resented him greatly and was so turned off by him whining about money all the time and I would think to myself my future husband and a real man wouldn’t be treating me like this.

    After reading your article I no longer feel bad about why I broke up with him and until I read your article I didn’t realize part of his attraction to me is what I could provide him! You are so right! REAL men aren’t like that. I had been wondering if my income mattered to a man, if men even cared about that. I have even been feeling guilty about how I do care how much a mans income is. I do like to know that a man can provide for me. I WANT a man to provide for me. I realize now thanks to your article that it’s natural for me to feel that way.
    I think it’s sad and horrible how feminism and society has ruined dating and marriage. I’m old fashioned I believe 1000000% in gender roles, I love it when a man is gentlemen, I’m okay with being the weaker sex, I don’t care if I make less money per dollar than a man does, I don’t want to compete with a man, I love it when a man is the leader and takes charge, that’s how it should be. Society and crazy feminist shouldn’t shame men for being men. It’s just so hard these days to find men to date who are REAL men. I love alpha men. It’s nice to see a man who knows how a REAL man is supposed to be and should be. Your article is wonderful and insightful. More people need to read it.

    1. Good morning first and foremost.

      I just wanted to say that while I appreciate your comment, I do have to mention that if you are making money as opposed to wanting to be a stay at home wife you should be expected to contribute some of that which you have. I do feel like it should be proportionate however. Meaning, if i make 80% of the household income I should be taken care of 80% of the financial responsibilities, and paying for 80% of the trips, dates, etc. etc. It’s a bit unreasonable to say that “ i should be allowed to dedicate a portion of my time and attention to make money, but the man should still pay for everything”. Especially when you consider that the tradition of the men paying stemmed from a time when women didn’t opt to have the careers that society pushes them to have today. You can not maintain “traditional values” when you are operating in a system and practicing the behaviors that are “non traditional”. Its having your cake and eating it too. Something has to give. Whats a man with billion dollar ideas without a drive or action to back that his ideas are indeed worth the money he claims? If 8-10 hours of your day contributes to something that has nothing to do with me should you not bring a portion of that into my world as well? There was a time when a woman job was her man, her man was her career, and building him was her responsibility. And so he take care of all financial responsibilities because that was her salary for the job she would do. Now many women spend 10-12 hours out of there 16 wake hours contributing to the dream of a man that has nothing to do with their relationship. Leaving only 4 hours(often times much less) to contribute to their mates. Thats incredibly disproportionate, and i would think some contribution would have to balance that out. You can give me 12 hours less than the woman of old, yet enjoy all the benefits that woman of old did. If you decided to work 1 hour a day instead of 8, could you still require your job to pay your the same salary?

      Thanks for reading.

  16. I am over 65 and am certain I stumbled here by mistake. This is a very boring place and topic. When you all hit 65, you will think the same thing. The fantasy world of femininity and masculinity has absolutely nothing to do with survival in real life. That is a luxury of a more leisured class.

  17. Eddie
    You are on target. My observations are a little different, I have found men are attracted to the visual including, classic femininity. Women are attracted to their personal concept of masculinity. Women are attracted to the masculine image but not to the one they see with their eyes as much as the one they maintain in their heads. So to remain attractive women much keep up their physical beauty but men must maintain the image/representation she holds of him which includes being a protector and provider and many other masculine things.

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